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A 2D tactical Side Scroller. Imagine exploring an area in a side scroller and then engaging in turn-based battles in the style of the Worms franchise. In a far off future, machines have taken over our cities and they have gotten rid of the superfluous humans that resided within. For mankind to survive retaking the cities is an absolute must since all resources necessary for human survival have been gathered there over the years. At the cities, core knowledge about all mankind's greatest achievements can be found including how the first cities became automatized which means that within these recordings, there might be a clue on how to pull the plug on the uprising of the machines once and for all.

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CyberChunk Dev Blog 25


Since last time we Changed the level and bettered our UI, we also added a new menu.

We bettered the Ui by moving around the Text notification of the Buttons.

Better UI


A new Tutorial was added to introduce switches and gates through a prompt.



New Walls where added to help the visuals

Wall Steel

BasicWall LightVer

Wall Window

WindowWall LightVer

The resolution of the enemies was increased



A new Options Menu was added

Options Menu


And the level design was improved



Make sure to check out our twitter for the most recent screenshots on @ChunkCyber

Too see earlier Devlogs =>Older Blogs

CyberChunk Dev Blog 24

CyberChunk Dev Blog 24


We finalized the Logo🎉, Some changes to the UI🍳 and bettered the turn-based mechanics🤖.

CyberChunk Dev Blog 22

CyberChunk Dev Blog 22


We take a look at the new particle effects in the game✨, some changes to the Logo👀, and fixed some new bugs🐛.

CyberChunk Dev Blog 21

CyberChunk Dev Blog 21


Fighting the Blur🤦‍♂️, solving Bugs✌, and getting some new asset concepts🎁.

CyberChunk Dev Blog 20

CyberChunk Dev Blog 20


It has been a while since our last post! But we are glad to announce that we have the first test build ready to go for you to try right now, have at it...

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