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If you are looking for a Cute Mind Bending Puzzle game, CUBOTS is for you! Cubots is an Atmospheric puzzle game where player need to take the blue cube to the destination. Its not that simple there are lot of cubes which have abilities to stop you find a solution to complete the levels. Every level is unique like mentioned in video.There are a lot of cubes with abilities like power of gravity, portals, morphing portals , teleportation and much more to stop you from your Goal. Get ready to have fun.

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Tick Tock Tick Tock - The clock is ticking, as the time is precious to save the house. All you have is the inanimate objects such as sofa, shelfs, electronic devices, door mats to push the bomb(s) out of the house. Unlock each level and power up grenades to experience the bigger and funnier levels. You don't have to diffuse the bomb, all you need to do is discard it! Preset levels and hints will help you finish the game!


No plot nor story, just experience the fun of saving various houses in the world of Bombarika. Game starts with a classic Bomb, which randomly drops at one particular place in each house. Most of the house hold objects come alive in the absence or negligence of a human character in the game to save the house from the destruction. Every object has different characteristics such as pushing and blocking.

Using house hold objects looks easy but finding the exit and path towards the exit in a restricted time limit makes the game more challenging. Mixed variety of bombs are designated with different power-ups can be unlocked by RIKAS (collectibles) in shop. Duplex houses, hidden rooms, multiple bombs in single level, Bonus Level and many more fun levels can be experienced once the player reaches the higher levels. Simple and minimalist time based levels will bring the joy and happiness while playing BOMBARIKA.

Enjoy beautiful levels filled with interactive House hold objects, path finding puzzles, easy interactions to explore the changing dynamics between the House hold Objects and Bombs or Grenades.

Artwork inspired by a mixture of modern and retro architectural styles, well crafted House hold objects, artistic movements and simple environment makes it into a stunning geometric structures.

Different range of Houses from a small room to Duplex house to upside down house along with an excellent set of collection of Bombs, Grenades and Fruits. Never seen before collectibles with unique names for the bombs and collectibles.

Immerse yourself in an unique melodious background Music and interactive soundscapes. Relaxing Music pieces were tailored perfectly for the difficulty of the levels.

Well designed blueprint design is available for every level along with extra time for watching an ad. Daily bonus will be available within very less designated time and free Grenade as Reward in shop.

Joy of finishing a challenging achievements will help you get greater amount of experience points through BOMBARIKA.



  • Original Soundtracks.
  • 10+ levels
  • 5+ kinds of bombs to try

CUBOTS - The Origins

CUBOTS - The Origins


Check out our Cubots The origins releasing this weekend on Steam!

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