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Welcome to „Patient Sower“ :)!
Patient Sower is a 2D Pixel Art game focused on patiently renaturating a barren island and reviving the dying flora. The goal is, to maintain a healthy symbiosis between the young flora and your abilities to mine resources, craft new tools and explore the island to find answers and a way out.

The game is a one-man-indie-project. You can follow the development on YouTube if you like.
(Devlog videos and Unity related tutorials)
YouTube - Youtube.com

Sow - Care - Harvest - Grow

Game Loop Renaturation cropped

You can follow the development process here:
➤ YouTube - Youtube.com
➤ Twitter - Twitter.com
➤ Instagram - Instagram.com
➤ Facebook - Facebook.com
➤ Busy Roots - Busyroots.com


You are stranded on a deserted and barren island. Only a few stunted seedlings are left in the dry and hard soil. Sandstorms, strong gusts and thunder-storms sweep over the island. The only way to survive, is by taking care of the last seedlings and protecting them from the harsh weather conditions to propagate the species.

By patiently sowing more and more plants from harvested seed, you renaturate the island bit by bit. To let plants grow you apply the needed nutrients that can be mined from certain rocks or soils. Mix the different plants wisely to create a self-sustained green oasis.

For example: Trees can provide slipstreams for seedlings and smaller plants, which means they don’t get damaged from strong gusts. Grass tufts keep the soil moist longer and prevent sandstorms from occurring.

While keeping a steady balance between your resource demands and the floras ecosystem, growth is possible in both regards.

With advanced tools, a cosy home in the green and more supplies you can revive even more life-hostile areas of the island.

Note: The graphics are not finished yet and I definitely want to improve the Pixel Art. Currently I focus more on bringing all basic functionalities together so that the game is playable in a rudimentary form.

Sow and Care Patiently

Collect and protect the last stunted seedlings to propagate the species. Dig them up and bring them to wind protected areas like pits.

digging up seedling4

Nutrients - Nitrate, Phosphor, Potassium

Explore the island to find different nutrients and mine them to be able to let plants grow.

nutrient rocks and soils small

Nitrate yellow triangle
Phosphor red circle
Potassium blue rectangle

mining nitrate mining phosphor mining potassium


Water your plants, apply the needed nutrient to let them grow and use the harvested seeds to saw new plants.

Plants Water Status:
Blue Vertical Bar
Plants Health Points: Green Vertical Bar

new grass aleppo pine growth

Seedling Protection from the Harsh Weather

To protect your seedlings from strong wind gusts and sandstorms you place them in slipstream areas like found in pits or later behind your larger trees. You can also craft different horticultural facilities for protection. These are useful for the beginning when you want to renaturate new areas.

slipstreams tree and pitSeedling Protection cropped

protecting plants new

The vertical white bars represent strong wind gusts (representation is work in progress). Unprotected plants get damaged by too strong gusts. In the future trees will also provide slipstreams and will be more robust against gusts.
After placing the windbreaker wall the grass tuft and the smaller tree (on the left) in the slipstream area are protected, as well as the small tree in the pit (on the right).

Mine and Harvest

Use the islands resources to mine stone, nutrients and ores and the resources from your plants to get wood and fiber for example. You can also harvest seeds and groceries for further renaturation or to stock up your supplies.

Craft better Tools, Expand and Explore the island

Use resources to craft new tools or improve tools to mine better ores or to break ground to new areas that can offer new plant species or excess to new/more resources.

Patient Sower Craftables cropped

To survive on the long run you need to create a healthy symbiosis between the young flora and your needs.
Trees: slipstreams for smaller plants VS. resources (wood, hard wood, etc.)
Grasses: soil moist, prevent sandstorms VS. resources (fiber, etc.)

chopping tree new areas1

Create a healthy symbiosis between your needs and the young flora. Explore the whole island to find answers and a way off the island.


Island Beginning

Later in the Game

Island Later

Thanks for reading and your interest :).

Beste regards,

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Patient Sower Windows, Mac, Linux game

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