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Pine is an action adventure simulation game. Set on the island of Albamare, where Humans never reached the top of the food chain, an intricate ecology reacts, evolves and adapts to you specifically. It's up to Hue to find a new home for a near-extinct leftover tribe.

Inspired by the adventures of Link in the Zelda-series, the intriguing nemesis system of Shadow of Mordor, Fable's choice-dependent progression and the dance-like combat of Bloodborne, Pine brings you an ever-evolving world that provides each player with a truly unique journey.


Header CoreFeatures 2

In the world of Pine, every action, even inaction, has an effect. The direction in which you explore the island of Albamare and way in which you come into contact with its many inhabitants, defines how the world will change, evolve and adapt.

Survival of the fittest, even when you’re not involved

Pine is world-centric, meaning things will happen across the island even without your involvement. Based on principles borrowed from evolution and ecology theory, every single species will try what it can to survive - from small power shifts to the utter extinction of a group, Albamare's living, breathing and constantly evolving world can and will make it happen.

The vast island of Albamare is waiting to be explored, one mystery at a time

As you embark upon the quest to save your tribe and find a new home, you uncover intriguing details about the history of the island and how the current evolutionary course came to pass.

Use a range of tools to make your way across the island

The island will provide you with everything you need, and as you progress, you will even discover many mysterious and helpful contraptions that will change the way you traverse, interact and fight: Scare away creatures with the Igniter, make your way across large gaps with the amazing Airglider or scale the highest cliffs using strong Climbing Axes!

Albamare is a dangerous place that learns from your moves

The island has its share of predators and territorial species. To defend yourself against their attacks or influence the course of action, Pine features a solid and varied combat system, inspired by the "dance-like" attacks and dodges of Bloodborne.

CoreFeatures Combat

But be wary, as your enemies will learn how you fight: They will observe you, try out different combos against you and physically evolve, to specifically oppose your style! It will force you to adapt to them in turn, so choose your enemies wisely.

Dynamic weather and a natural day/night cycle force Albamare's inhabitants to move and act

Based on their specific needs, some species will try to find shelter during storms or on cold nights, or even move to a new territory in large migrations. The weather can be your ally or your worst enemy, so keep an eye out for what's coming your way.

Original soundtrack featuring live recordings

Inspired by both classical symphonies as well as contemporary game and film music, Pine's soundtrack by Ratchet Audio seamlessly flows through the experience as if it were coming from the island itself.

Kickstarter Division

Header Story

In the world of Pine, Humans never reached the top of the food chain. In this novel ‘evolutionary timeline’, other species got the chance to develop language, cultivate and become smarter than ever.

You play as Hue, a timid adolescent growing up in an isolated group of Humans, deep into some beautiful pine woods. Traditionally, the tribe you live in does not go into the Out, afraid of the creatures wandering through the biosphere and afraid of losing their safety.

Header Island

We are filling Albamare's ecology with wondrous locations. It features mountains, plains, forests, beaches and swamps, ready to be explored in an open world-fashion.

The weather on the island is always active, meaning a species on the other side of Albamare might be fleeing from the storm that's raging there. You might even need to take advantage of certain weather conditions to get things done!

Header Species

Pine is all about your adventure and the way it evolves through your actions and interactions with its world. On your journey you will meet a wondrous cast of creatures, some more, some less evolved.

With every encounter, every interaction, you will learn more about the species you share the island with. Your decisions will alter the course of what all of Albamare will become.

You can choose to befriend a species, fight alongside them, help them to gain territory or even bring them food and resources. But you may also choose to attack them, steal their food or force them to abandon their current habitat and move on.

Your actions will shift the power of balance between Albamare's inhabitants - choose your friends and enemies wisely!

Find pieces of equipment on the island, or trade with and steal from the species living on Albamare! Earn their trust by using armor sets that resemble their cultures.

Each organism within a species looks different. Using procedural algorithms, we give each organism a personality and specialty. Based on their stats and style, they look differently. Natural selection and survival of the fittest will do the rest: the entire species will grow more towards the organisms that are strongest against you.

Kickstarter Division

Let us know what you think in the comment section below! We read all feedback, suggestions and ideas.

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Alongside an infinite list of improvements, we’re developing some last small mechanics too, some of which will make influencing the simulation better – concepts that include donation boxes, poisoning of food (sources), spreading rumors and attracting hostile critters. Exciting stuff!

Here are some highlights of what we worked on.


One of the biggest areas of the game that needed an upgrade was combat. The physical combat with all the species needed a lot more nuance and motion to make it more dynamic and give the player more options.

We have added some really cool Pine-specific mechanics, such as species eating during combat as well as a shield stamina system – as well as tweaking and polishing all moves and animations for both the player and the species.

Click the image to view the video:

 project video thumbnail

We will do plenty of combat improvements still, as we’ve built that combat editor we showed, which makes it easy to iterate once the moves are solid. Sounds, effects and more need to be updated more too.

Ambient audio to the next level

As a short sidenote with the video above: we are super happy with our new ambient sound system, which is tied literally to the objects in the scene, meaning you will hear trees and bushes rustle only when you're next to them, and bird sounds coming from trees! It gives a lot of depth to the space you move around in, have a good listen!

The human story

Plenty of cutscenes and dialogues are making it into the introduction of the game, as Pine is obviously also still an adventure game at heart. The story of the humans is rather sad, but it’s up to Hue to do something about it.

A whole barrage of tools and outfits

We’re going through the list of tools and outfits at super speed, all bringing their own set bonuses or tool specifications. Here are some random combinations, featuring more than a few species-pieces:

Or check out this Feather Bow!

Or check out this Feather Bow!Vaults, setpieces and Albamare

So much work is being done on all areas of the open world, that we can’t start to mention the new changes. But a few highlights and setpieces do stand out! Here’s a glimpse of the updated Dry Bay Tower…

Click the image to view the video:

 project video thumbnail

And some more screenshots, in case you missed them on our Steam or Kartridge page:

Beta news

Because many of you are wondering, we wanted to share some news about the beta. We intend to bring it to backers of the Outfinder tier or higher within the next month, now that we are confident about our game from start to finish.

It’s later than we initially planned, but it didn’t make sense for us to give a product of which we knew so much was wrong still. For good feedback and your good impressions, we think it makes most sense to give the product as complete as possible, while still allowing for a lot of improvements based on your feedback.

Some important things about the closed beta:

  • Our main goal with the beta is to get your feedback and improve everything we can towards release.
  • Be aware that it is the full game in the state it’s in. This means it will definitely spoil the story and locations for you, as those won’t change much.
  • HOWEVER, as the game is very systemic and simulation-driven, it is definitely encouraged to play it again when it comes out, and you’ll see that the experience is quite different. You can work with different species, might choose a different order for the main quest and encounter different battles and trades.
  • Savefiles will not be compatible with the final version of the game, as we might change around the order of quests or chapters, rendering your savefile incoherent with what was supposed to come before it.
  • The beta cannot be streamed or recorded for external viewing purposes. We do this not because we don’t like footage coming out, but because we’ve noticed how long ‘old’ footage can linger above new footage, and we’d like to give the game a fair chance when it comes out, showing interested people what the game actually is like, rather than what the beta is like.

We'll share news on the beta when we have it to the respective tiers. Soon!

That's it for now!

That’s it for this update! We hope we gave you a good glimpse into what’s happening. Please let us know if things are too spoiler-y, as that is a thin line… For now, we’ll get back to work!

As always, all feedback, questions and comments are welcome. Feel free to reach out through pine[at]twirlbound.com, on IndieDB, on Reddit, on our Discord server, Facebook or Twitter.

Pine is coming to Steam, Kartridge and Switch in August!

Pine is coming to Steam, Kartridge and Switch in August!

News 5 comments

We are so excited and privileged to share with you finally that Pine is due to release in August later this year for PC and Nintendo Switch!

Pine January Recap - A Story of Humans

Pine January Recap - A Story of Humans

News 2 comments

With the release year officially started for Pine, we can definitely feel the pressure building up, but also excitement to give the game to everyone...

November & December Recap - Into the Release Year

November & December Recap - Into the Release Year

News 2 comments

Right at the end of the year, time for a short recap about some of the work we did in the last two months. We’ve been diving so deep into the island...

Pine - October Recap: Onward and Outward

Pine - October Recap: Onward and Outward

News 4 comments

A bit late this month, but to keep you in the loop, here’s another short update on some of the content we’ve been working on in the world of Pine...

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Hello! I have just writen about Pine in an article about the best indie games: Indiedb.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
MvdLaar Creator

Hey, cool, thanks! Do you have a link to the article or can I find it on our game's page too?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hello MvdLaar, here is the article link! Medium.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh boy, I can't wait for this! And I have to ask since there is fable esque choice and consequences...

Is there a genocide ending?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MvdLaar Creator

We have chosen to have a closed ending on the story, being a small team of 6... however, you can make a species go extinct by actively working against them!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello this is Jesse, I saw that post on Facebook that led me here and I'm guessing that's the new camera view?

I guess I'll leave my feedback if it's OK and please let me know if I'm being annoying, I do care about this. XD I mainly felt more comfortable leaving it since we have been talking about it and you said you would put out a new gif video but at the same time, I feel like I might be annoying or worse.

My feedback: It still looks too close like the first time I noticed. I think the older versions were a lot better where it wasn't too close, had a view, and also had at least 3-4 feet of ground visible behind your character. I wish the camera was more like this again: Twirlbound.com
It's also part of the reason why I donated since the camera is usually a big deal in games for some people like me. :)

An alternative suggestion that would be for everyone is a "camera distance" slider that allows people to adjust the view and allow it to be like the older version or closer. It would help everyone since many are different.
If that's already being worked on or perhaps the new camera was like older version but hasn't been shared, then that's my bad. XD

Sorry that I wasn't being very clear earlier. I should of showed one of your older gifs way back. XD

Edit: The links I've sent looks like it just leads to the main site home page, however if you click on them it still takes you to the direct page I'm linking to.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MvdLaar Creator

Hey Jesse!

Not annoying at all, it helps to have someone with a sharp eye on the camera system. The thing is that we've added a lot of new things in a late stage of the demo and we haven't really gotten around to tweaking everything. So yes, we'll be tweaking all positions, as we've already noticed it's indeed a bit close and a bit low too. That gif is a good reference, thank you! We'll get to it very soon.

Thanks for keeping an eye on it! I'll let you know when we tweaked it to perfection, back to the old version :)


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I actually been noticing it looked like it's been tweaked a lot recently but always been still too close on it's distance. Personally the gif I showed from Twirlbound was very good, it's not too low, and not too high on the y-axis and the camera being that further away from the character felt good too. ;)
Also don't you mean too high for the Facebook one? It looked like the camera was too high rather than low. XD

Some help I offer if needed:
I remember seeing this the village music video: Facebook.com
and it had a good amount of ground behind the character, but the top of the character was a little less roomy, and I think changing the distance to be a little further back would make it closer to being perfect. Closer to the Twirlbound gif. The only other thing is that it might need is that when you run (normal run, not sprint), the camera slightly zooms more out or the character goes a little further away from the camera like the Twirlbound gif. The running thing probably isn't a huge deal for me, but I do noticed it looks more natural. XD

You're welcome! I would love to comment on it when you have it done. ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm curios to see if barren roads is still a project? For ios. You guys posted a small video of it on YouTube 2 years ago. Still waiting for it to be released and purchase it

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
MvdLaar Creator

Not sure about "barren roads", but we did a game called Move it On in 2011 - we finished it and it was on sale for a while, but are focusing completely on PC and console now!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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