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Join Clive, an anthropomorphic rabbit, and Wrench, the literal monkey on his back as they travel through time and space in a lead-lined 1950's fridge. All in pursuit of the evil Dr Daucus and his plan for a rabbit-ruled world! Featuring time travelling, plenty of collectables, enemies, mini-games and tight controlling platforming.

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Clive 'N' Wrench take a trip... to their own house; although not quite as they know it! Plus a behind-the-scenes peek at our boss intro cutscenes!

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Hello all!

It's been a busy few months (how can it be mid September already!). First things first (as it's by far the most asked question), unfortunately we don't have a release date at the moment. We've come so far since the initial Kickstarter pitch and I refuse to compromise my vision by releasing an unfinished or broken product; I understand that may be a little disappointing (it is for me too) but I really hope you can understand!

Anyway, on to the important stuff; progress! Since May I've been concentrating on a number of things, chiefly some cutscene work and the "training" level. Each boss gets a cartoony introduction cutscene to give you both an idea of who they are and how you might defeat them, but also help tie the story together. Here's a couple of pre-visual preview shots from of Annie Oaktree's intro (bear in mind, at the moment it lacks lighting, environmental effects, certain movement, sound effects and score!):

Next up is some proper gameplay! As I mentioned before, a bulk of the last month or so has been spent on CnW's "training" level. It's set in their own house, but not quite as they know it! I won't spoil too much story stuff, but through no fault of their own, Clive 'N' Wrench end up in an alternate (slightly larger) dimension at the beginning of the game. Thankfully though, Nancy has a plan and can help them figure out where Einy (the time machine) is, thus getting them back, ready for their proper adventure. As I'm sure you can imagine, the world at this scale presents many obstacles that wouldn't even get a second look at normal size; so it should provide some pretty unique moments! (And thanks to some hardware upgrades, I can finally provide a video of a decent quality!)

I'm afraid that about wraps it up for today. It's a shorter update this time, I know, but so much of the recent progress is tied to the story (and I wouldn't want to spoil that!).

I thank you all for your patience and support!


this reminds me so much of padworld gl&hf; !

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Looking great!

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