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Hello, my name is Damien Morales, working in video games for more than 10 years.

For 2 years now, I have been developing a video game Artia - Neo's Adventures is a Action RPG (Zeldalike) that tells the fantastic stories of my son, whom I lost 3 years ago...
This video game takes place in the world of Artia. A fantastic world populated by dragons and mystical creatures.
Follow Neo on his journey and discover the secrets of this world at the edge of fantasy.

🎁🎁Add the name of your child, your life companion or your best friend.
🎁🎁Receive a game copy.
Simply by participating in the financing of Artia. all the people who have made a donation can leave in comments the name of the person whom you would like to add.

🏁My goal:
I want to take it to the next level and create a team of young talents, to finalize Artia - Neo's Adventures.
5.000€ : - Propose a final version of the game.
10.000€: Create animated 3d cinematic scene.
20.000€ : Double the game time by expanding the world of Artia and creating new quests.
40.000€ : Add a cooperation mode for up to 4 simultaneous players.
100.000€ : Add NFT technology to sell uniques items and characters.

💼My needs:
Initially, I need:
1 x 3D Designer/Animator.
1 x Sound Designer.
1 x Story board Designer.

🛣️Roadmap (5000€ goal) :
Q1 2022
-Rework GamePlay and battle system.
Q2 2022
-Finalized Artia Game.
-Marketing and communication preparation.
Q3 2022
-Distribution on different sales platforms (Steam, kinguin..).

⏩Link in my Bio
Join us at Instagram @Artiagame

Thank you for your support!
Damien Morales
For my son ♥️

#gamedev #indiegame #gamers #GameFi #NFT #DeFi #unity3d #game #steam #gamer #RPG #manga #animation #3D

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Register to test the first demos and participate in the events of Artia - Neo's Adventures


Many upcoming events, with plenty of surprises.

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Help us to fund Artia

Help us to fund Artia


For 2 years now, I have been developing a video game Artia - Neo's Adventures is a Action RPG (Zeldalike) that tells the fantastic stories of my son...


Congrats for the game project Damien, it's having a nice development. You have my support

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xenogaming Creator

Thank you so much for your support ! 💪♥️

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Do you need any voice actors for your project?

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xenogaming Creator

Hello. Currently no because we are in the process of setting up . We are currently trying to launch a kickstarter, in order to be able to gather a team.
Thank you for your message.

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