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Project Amber is a WIP Pokemon fan game, with a unique region and art style.


  • A unique region: The Alyse Region
  • MapPromotional
  • A custom art style, using a combination of my work, and other artists (with their permission)
  • Following Pokemon HG/SS Style
  • All Legendary Pokemon from all generations
  • Generation 3 R/S/E Pokemon (Gen 1 & 2 are possible additions at a later date)
  • Pokemon Black & White UI



This will be updated regular (in addition to being included with Dev Blogs) to show the overall progress of the game. This shows when a route is fully completed to a playable state, more work and refinement may still be necessary. The same goes for gyms and legendary areas/battles.

Completion listV2


Huge thanks to the following for providing graphics / assets and scripts. This project would not be possible without them.

Kaliser - Majority of outside tilesets - Houses/ Grass / Trees/ etc.
AKI - HD Interior
SailorVicious / Heavy-Metal-Lover - Some Houses
Luka S.J - Battle system / Battle Animations / UI
Erassus - Bag UI Script
Shiney570 - BW Pause Menu
Mej71 - Following Pokemon Script
Deo - Edited Day + Night Tones
Pokemon Overworld Sprites:

Kyt666, kdiamo11,

Pokémon © 2002-2014 Pokémon. © 1995-2014 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, ®, the Pokémon logo and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

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RSS Articles


Dev Diary 02 - Still Rolling, Just About.

So, 2 months down the line. I intended to update the page at least once every 2/3 weeks, but alas, I have not had anything to say. A combination of real life buggery and university exams set me back big time, and I have been unable to really knuckle down and get Project Amber rolling.

However, just yesterday I finally completed my last uni exam and am now finished, at least for a few months. The first thing I did was jump onto RPG Maker XP and start work again. So work is officially starting up again. It will still be slow, I have work and a life. And I enjoy playing games far too much :)

What's Changed?

Just to go over what I did in the 2 months (which isn't much) I started on the 2nd Island and got the 1st Town and the 2 Routes after mapped out. I sorted out multiple graphical issues, although there are still a couple more to fix.

Today I have simply updated the follower script (by Mej47, Huge thanks again) As he brought out an update a month ago with some great features, including status affects for the sprites, to see the full changelog visit the site.



Simple HUD

Now I have also added the Simple HUD Script (from FL, again great work) which simply adds a HUD to the top of the screen. I meddled with the HUD in photoshop and changed the colors and transparency round a bit till I ended up with what is shown below.




This shows your party, the amount of money you have, your name and your pokemon's current HP at a glance. I really like this idea, however the HUD itself seems a little invasive, so looking for input as to whether I should keep it, change it, or get rid of it? (I may be able to bind it to a key to toggle it on and off at will with some tinkering)


So just stay tuned and hopefully I will have some more updates and information soon.

Dev Diary 01 - Launch

Dev Diary 01 - Launch

News 2 comments

Pokemon: Project Amber launch on Indiedb, progress so far, The future and lots of words.


Hi ! How i can download Pokemon Project Amber? i will like play it !

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kas110 Creator

Unfortunately, Project Amber is not available to download yet as it is still being developed. With any luck, I will have a early version that people can download within a reasonable amount of time. If you want to stay up to date and see when a downloadable version is out use the 'Follow' button on the right (under profile). :)

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Awesome! I like the starter idea, you could even use it to have some sort of player-Pokémon interaction similar to Ash-Pikachu, since Ralts can speak telepathically, if I remember correctly.

I do not get the "RPG Maker XP being limited" bit, as far as I can remember, Pokémon Essentials has all generations (at least back a few years ago?) and RPG Maker XP can handle pretty much anything.

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kas110 Creator

I think it can, but each map area has a specific amount of Pokemon it likes to have, otherwise it crashes. I will have to experiment with larger amounts of spawning Pokemon to see how it works.

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