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Aerial Ruckus is an over-the-top multiplayer aerial battle royale experience with customizable stylized characters and aircrafts. The world of Aerial Ruckus is far from ordinary. Aerial Ruckus focuses on a group of individuals who decide to participate in aerial contests to prove who is the best. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Players are provided multiple different gameplay and character selection options. Players are provided characters that they can unlock and aircrafts all with customizable skins. Once each player has selected their character and aircraft, they can play single player vs bots or multiplayer for any of the game modes. In the game mode “Scud Run”, players race through courses picking up weapon power-ups and speed boosts, all the while trying to avoid natural obstacles from the terrain and obstacles from the other pilots, all while staying below a pre-determined elevation. Players also have a free-for-all Battle Royale mode where the last player still with both wings wins. Another game mode is “SAM Ally”, where players will run through a course getting as many checkpoints as possible without being shot down by a ridiculous amount of AI SAMs.

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Aerial Ruckus

Hey Everyone, it's Dave again. These past few months have been super busy and I completely forgot about posting the updates on the website. So, here are the updates for months 2, 3 and 4.

In the Devlog #2, I discussed how the primary focus was going to be documentation and design. In order to have a clear development path, it all starts with planning.

I was able to wrap up most of the GDD (Game Design Documentation) for Aerial Ruckus and finalize the design for the map of the game. I came up with some different game-types and AI elements, but more on that later.

In Devlog #3/4, thanks to Fiverr (not sponsored), I was able to get a couple of 3D assets completed. These assets are going to help with our crowdfunding campaigns, because without them...we would just have sketches and an idea.

Thanks for following along and I'm excited to show you what cool stuff I've been working on in the coming months.

Aerial Ruckus Devlog #1

Aerial Ruckus Devlog #1


The first of many devlogs for the indie title Aerial Ruckus, developed by 804 Game Studios.

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