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Adventures of MeiMo is a side scrolling adventure game in one streaming world. There is four scrolling planes that have puzzles that can effect the opposite sides. MeiMo must save his friends from slavery. The best way to describe it is similar to Abe's odyssey with Zelda style way to gain powers to enter new locations. There is also a lot of platform aspects to break up the puzzles as you get your friends out of many different locations. This is a prototype and many of the graphics do not exist or have simple place holders in place while the programming and mechanics get completed. At this point I am more interested in feedback or interest in the concept as this was a hobby project that I am considering fine tuning / Cleaning up and releasing.

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Adventures of MeiMo

In Adventures of MeiMo you travel through a side scrolling world with multiple sides to the world. Your species is small and relatively harmless and you must save your friends who have been captured as slaves from a much stronger larger race. Your species get there power from clothing items that have been removed from them giving them limited ways to escape.

Please Note Many Graphics Displayed Are Place Holders or Still Being Worked On. Programming, Mechanics and the Level Design is my Main Focus as Present.


Save your friends by getting them to follow you and leading them home.


  • Give cheek to get guards to get there attention (Guards become stupid when angry)
  • Many platforming aspects and small creatures that can be defeated
  • Puzzles that cross over onto separate sides of play

Example video of Below:

  • Permanent power ups that you wear that gives you new abilities such as climbing up ledges
  • Physics based damage from falling, getting kicked and punched by large enemies
  • Interactive background with some of the background rooms randomly generated so you never know which one has enemy's inside or items

RandomDoor 1

  • Guards need defeating indirectly or by solving puzzles


Many more features that I do not want to show at this stage.

Short play through from the beginning below

Thanks for reading.

Adventures of MeiMo - Development Update

Adventures of MeiMo - Development Update


Adventures of MeiMo Development Update A Entire new location has been added into Adventures of MeiMo along with many new items and puzzles. Area is not...

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