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Sega is destroying Sonic and whilst the world begs for a new 'Sonic Adventure' I want to fill that void and create a production that will create a lucrative revenue stream for ourselves.

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A group on Facebook called ‘True Sonic Spirit’ are adamant on bringing back the ‘Sonic Adventure’ franchise for its 3rd instalment, which I agree upon. The Sonic Adventure is the best Sonic game I’ve ever played to date and Sega not returning to the series raised a lot of questions to myself. The Sonic adventure story was pretty weak, the acting was off, but it was the gameplay that made it magic. The gameplay, and its bright colourful graphics that enticed people into its semi-open world adventure and enabled them to gorge in the realm of chao’s and chaos emeralds.

I want to recreate this. Different characters, different story, same gameplay. new innovative ways of interacting with choa’s and competing on a mobile platform will take the experience to a whole new level. Game companies like Sega specifically go out of their way to destroy their franchise and rather than watching people fall out of love with Sonic lets give them something to fill their void.

I want people who can code gold dust! The mechanics in Sonic Adventure were good, not great. But I want fantastic!

I want people who can create 3D cute characters, attractive, with personality and can give them a story.

I want people who can get an app on the app store and allow players to compete in a mobile arena.

I want animator’s people, who know animation inside out and can create something fluid and gorgeous.

I want fan feedback anyone who loved the franchise I want to hear from you, I want to hear what you loved about sonic adventure and what you didn’t.

I want people who want to make money, people who have the drive and determination to see a project through, I want you!

I promise you if you join me in this, you will have something so amazing to offer game companies after this project. I will market the hell out of this project get it on kick starter and get you paid as soon as possible. I will create a future for you. So join me!

Send me an email explaining what you can contribute, when you can contribute and let’s get this ball rolling.

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