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Post feature RSS S&D : New Combat System!

We'd like to show you our new combat system with awesome in game footages!

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Hello everyone! It's your good old programmer Wolderado. We've made huge progress on the combat system!

Combo System

In the next version, you'll use sword and shield for close distance combat. Your weapons now attack with combo style. It means your consecutive attacks have different damages, hit areas and effects. There will be different combo sets for different weapons. (Spears, two-handed axes etc.) Every weapon will have unique things about them. Some weapons can have wide swings that hit multiple enemies while some weapons can have piercing attacks that hit all enemies in a row. While you're attacking, your character speeds up before the swing and slows down after hit. This makes it easier to reach targets and increases immersion.

Weapon system

In our weapon system, you have two hands and you can equip any weapon accordingly. Each hand gets controlled by a mouse button. (Left hand=left click, Right hand=left click) You can equip any one-handed weapons for each hand and try out different combinations. However, some weapons require two hands to operate.

Parry System

In the old system, there was only one way to defend yourself from incoming attacks: Raising your shield. The problem was it was too slow and enemies were too fast and didn't show you when they'll attack. So we added two defense system. One of which is Parry. When an enemy attack towards you, your character uses whichever hand is available and automatically blocks the attack. This move costs stamina multiplied by weapon parry efficiency. More efficient a weapon is (In terms of parrying) the less stamina it requires for parrying. (For example, daggers will be less efficient) Also, you need at least one of your weapons at rest (not attacking). Currently, the parry system only triggers at close combat (meaning it can't block arrows)

Dodge System

Another defense mechanism is our new dodge system. You gain invulnerability for a short time and dash in the direction of your choosing. It costs little amount of stamina but if you use dodge too much in a short amount of time, stamina cost increases exponentially. It is highly recommended to use against bigger enemies.

Apart from these two systems. you can still raise your shield and block damage. Its efficiency is higher than weapon parrying so it cost you less stamina to block an attack. It can also block arrows.


We've been working on this game and made a quite progress since the first prototype. With this new combat system done, first playable version Alpha 0.1 will come out pretty soon! Yay! And this next version will be completely FREE! Follow us get the game as soon as possible while giving us your support! It's coming out pretty well but we need feedback. No game is complete without feedback so we created a Discord server!


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