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I will be releasing a series of short videos highlighting some of the different mechanics in Graveball. The first one features weapon throwing.

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Weapon Throwing in Graveball:

  • As long as your goblin is carrying a weapon and not carrying the skull, you can perform a weapon throw
  • All weapons are thrown in the direction the goblin is currently facing (all skill shots)
  • You can jump throw to increase the throw distance
  • After throwing a weapon, you are unable to attack until you pick a weapon up off the ground
  • Any time a goblin dies, they drop their weapon on the ground. Any of these weapons can be picked up by any weaponless goblin. (This allows teammates to commit suicide in order to resupply a teammate with a weapon)
  • Weapons on the ground disappear after 5 seconds so move quickly to pick one up after a throw.
  • It's hard to help your team without a weapon so use weapon throws strategically! A missed weapon throw can put you in a tough position and allow the other team to score an easy goal.
  • While not carrying a weapon or the skull, you can catch weapons that are thrown at you by enemies!

Graveball is coming to Steam in March 2017!

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Thanks! I'm looking forward to the release!

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