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People have asked me how is Gravity Chain different from other match 3 games. It is hard to explain with words and screenshots alone, so today I posted a new video of gameplay footage showing how changing gravity effects the board, destroying shapes, adding shapes, and chaining matches to earn more points and time bonuses. Due to the unique nature of the game, I am considering further new game modes which other match 3 games couldn't achieve.

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New modes being considered:

  • Free Play - No timer! This mode may be more appropriate for kids who gain satisfaction from clearing the levels without losing the game due to running out of time.
  • Empty Grid - Start with an empty grid and fill it completely with shapes by shifting gravity while trying to avoid creating matches.
  • Bomb Mode - There's a bomb in the center of the level which is effected by gravity. Clear all shapes from the level without allowing the bomb to touch the outside border of the grid. If it does it blows up everything and it's game over.

Please feel free to suggest other game modes that you think could be interesting.


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