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My friend Rob and I were ice fishing in Vermont in February of 2011, sitting out in the middle of Lake Emerald not catching anything. We got to talking about video games to pass the time and we came to the conclusion that there aren't enough ice fishing games in the world. I've spent much of my spare time in the past year developing "Tip-Up!". It is what ice fishing ought to be: fast and frantic nonstop action! Also included is the freezing weather, danger of falling through the ice, and those pesky game wardens... So please go ahead and download it for free off indiedb.com or moddb.com. I guarantee you'll catch something other than a cold this time.

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About Tip-Up!

mkvt311 Blog

The goal of Tip-Up! is to obtain a high score by returning fish to your shanty. You have eight tip-ups that randomly get fish bites and go off. You must leave your shanty to go catch the fish. However, whenever you are outside the shanty, your character is freezing and your temperature gauge is depleting. If it turns completely blue, you become a popsickle and it's game over. You can either restore your temperature gauge by returning to the shanty or drinking beer cans. Freezing is only one of your concerns. You can also fall through the ice and end the game. Every time you step on the same patch of ice, it cracks further until it can no longer hold your weight. The third way to end the game is to lose all of your bait.
You will be awarded bonuses for catching more fish, such as bonus beer cans and the ability to strengthen the ice. Also, catching fish awards you shop point which you can use to purchase boards. You may place boards on cracked patches of ice so that they won't be damaged the next time you run across them. Only by wisely using your beer cans, selecting which ice you wish to strengthen, and strategically placing your boards will you be able to post a high score.
The higher your score, the harder the game gets though. First the game warden will appear and walk in between your tip-ups. Touch him and lose all of the fish that you are carrying. Next, storm clouds will appear which will obscure your view of everything they pass over. Finally, if you do well enough, snow cyclones will randomly charge across the screen. If you get caught in the middle of one, your temperature gauge will drop much quicker.

The game comes with a complete tutorial, but the gameplay is very simple and easy to pick up since it is limited to only the directional keys, space bar, and b button.

After downloading the game from IndieDB.com or ModDB.com for FREE, please let me know what you think. I look foward to hearing feedback and suggestions for improvements towards my next version.


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mkvt311 Creator
mkvt311 - - 6 comments

In Tip-Up! rev 2 are the following updates:

-Eliminated the strange cloud shadows.
-Combined the small fish and large fish scores into one score, making it easier to track the catch 10 bonus.
-Added the current high score to the bottom of the screen.
-Fixed the bug that would sometimes prevent the storm clouds from appearing.

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