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A new blog entry over on the main site covering off database options with Unity 3D. As you might have guessed we have implemented a database backend to Fury and this blog entry summarizes a bit of what was learned in the ramp up and review process.

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Adding database support to Unity 3D

This is exceptionally easy no need to pay big sums for a special plugin for most cases; there are 2 major flavours I’ll talk about; both can be done quick and easy.

Method 1 local database

In this method you don’t have or don’t want to connect to a server or install a server on the clients system. The solution is a local database and there are many to choose from but you don’t need to go downloading anything special as Mono includes an implementation of Sqlite which will most likely handle all your needs for a local database.

For full details see this site (Mono-project.com)

Full blog entry here (Heathenengineering.com )

lodendsg Author

This and a few other articles are available up on the main site; we plan on adding them a bit more frequently and edited a bit more closely :)

The entries thus far are second thoughts from a code monkey ... me; hope to have writers take over or at least edit the upcoming entries ... on that subject let us know what you would like written about. We want to be as open as possible with the dev cycle and publish as much as we can of what we learn for others to use.

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