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Galactic Strategy | Tactics | Action

Found a Terran government, corporation or armada and compete for influence and control over the galaxies resources in Heathen Engineering’s Terran.

Grand strategy meets real-time tactical battles meets 3rd person space shooter action.

Manage your empire across thousands of stars developing systems, stations and fleets to spread your influence across the galaxy.

Take command of battles issuing orders and assigning targets to orchestrate the downfall of your competition.

Lead your battle groups from the front as you take the helm of powerful warships and turn the tide against impossible odds.

Early Access Features

  • Strategy + Tactic + Action:
    4X meets RTS meets 3rd person big ship space combat; manage resources and build an empire on the strategy map to fuel your growth, issue orders to your battlegroups in combat to control the flow of battle and take direct control of powerful warships to turn the tide in your favour.
  • Fleet Combat:
    In combat you take the role of battle commander and warship pilot. Issue orders to your battlegroups in 'Command mode', an RTS style view or switch to 3rd person view to take direct control of any warship in your fleet.
  • Organization Types:
    Choose from one of three organization classes to start your empire, each with its own unique perks and unique origin on the progression grid.
  • Progression Grid:
    As your influence grows you will unlock new abilities and enhance your efficiency and capacity by activating nodes on the progression grid.
  • Influence:
    Gain influence by developing your Science, Economy, Industry and Military power. Watch nearby systems fall under your control as your influence spreads across the galaxy.
  • Citadels and Stations:
    Build powerful citadels and space stations to hold back the rising influence of your competition and provide defence from invasion.
  • Massive Galaxy:
    Expand your empire across a massive procedural galaxy containing thousands of star systems and tens of thousands of worlds.
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Early Access Phase 3


Terran enters the 3rd and final phase of its planned early access. The initial patch kicking phase 3 off includes a massive update to the game including new gameplay elements, new content and huge host of bug fixes and improvements.

You can read the latest patch notes on Terran’s Steam Community page or over on the new Terran News blog. Along side bug fixes and optimizations phase 3 brings new gameplay mechanics and game modes to Terran. The goal of phase 3 is as you might have guessed, the full featured release of Terran as a live game and the end of the Early Access cycle.

New Game Mode

A new game mode ‘Skirmish’ has been added to the game. As the name suggests this mode is combat only and allows the player to configure the two sides of a fight. The configuration tools for Skirmish will be expanded in later patches and is intended to include environment and scenario options. At current players can configure the ships for each side, include stations or citadels and can manual set the difficulty of the opponent.

Strategy Banner

Organization Influence

Several subsystems of the previous version’s strategy mechanics have been streamlined and unified into the concept of Organization Influence. Influence describes your organizations impact on the galaxy at large. Having influence over a star system means having control over that system. Your influence is physically represented in the galaxy as radiating out from your systems and fleets and can sway the loyalties of nearby star systems. Organization influence is enhanced by developing your population, economy, industry, science and military.

The influence system impacts nearly every other aspect of the game, see the notes below for more details.

Space Stations

Stations are independent of star systems and can be built anywhere in space assuming they are in range of two or more star systems and are not blocked by an opponents structures. Stations provide area defence, insure the loyalty of linked systems (systems in range) and host defence fleet.

The defence fleet of space stations will automatically engage enemy hostiles in range but cannot be moved from the station. The ships that comprise the stations defence fleet do contribute to your maintenance costs but do not consume ship capacity. When engaged in combat the stations will appear in battle as large structure laden with powerful turrets and large numbers of strike craft in addition to their defence fleet.


Citadels replace the concept of a ‘capital star system’ and are special star bound space stations. Organizations can have multiple citadels though there is a build cap similar what is applied to ships. Like other space stations citadels host a defence fleet and impart a very strong influence effect on nearby systems. When defeated in battle citadels are not destroyed but do transfer ownership to the victor. Keep an eye on your citadel count as having too many can quickly overburden your resources.

Combat Banner

Combat Improvements

Combat now supports two modes of player control:
Command mode which is the mode you will start battles in, works similar to an RTS interface. In command mode you can select groups of ships and issue move and attack orders. Clicking a specific ship and switching to Pilot mode will allow you to take direct control of that ship.

Pilot mode can be switched to at anytime after the start of a battle. In pilot mode you have direct control of a single ship in 3rd person space short style. The other ships in the same battlegroup as the ship you are piloting will adjust their planning based on your actions e.g. they will attack your target and will avoid getting too far separated from you.

Battle Groups

A new battlegroup system has been applied to the start up sequence of space battles. Players can now choose a battle grouping pattern effecting how the individual ships in your fleet will be distributed. The best pattern to use depends on your play style, fleet structure and the opponent your facing at the time.

When in command mode it is the selected battlegroup that you are issuing orders to and in pilot mode it is your battlegroup that is taking its lead from your actions. At the start of each battle you will select the group pattern you want to use, this cannot be changed after the battle starts.

Group Options

Balanced: this option attempts to distribute the various types of ships that make up your fleet across multiple groups no less than 5 but not more than 10 if possible. For players that want a lot of command control this is a good option as it gives you the greatest number of battlegroups to issue orders to.

Class: this option groups ships by class … e.g. light, mid and heavy. If movement/attack control is your focus this could be a good option for you. This option results in no more than 3 groups.

Role: this option groups ships by combat role … e.g. recon, support and tactical. Each combat role excels at a specific style for example tactical ships have heavy armour and weapons and are good in a head on fight where recon ships are fast and agile good for hit and run and for drawing out fleets away from structures. This option results in no more than 3 groups

Category: this option groups by Class + Role combination as described above and results in no more than 9 groups.

Swarm: As the name suggests this simply lumps all ships into a single group, this greatly limits your command options, but it also simplifies control for players that prefer to spend more time in pilot mode than they do in command mode.

Progression Grid

The progression grid takes the place of the previous progression system which was based on reputation gain through contacts. The new progression grid is similar to a ‘talent grid’ system, each organization type has a unique starting place on the grid and regardless of your origin type it is possible to activate every node on the grid.

Progression points are used to activate the nodes of the grid and are earned by growing your influence as an organization. Influence is grown through the development of population, economy, industry, science and military. The nodes of the grid enhance various aspects of your organization improving administration and maintenance costs, increasing ship, citadel and planet population capacities as well as unlocking special abilities such as terraforming, heavy ships and recon ships.

Other Additions and Improvements

  • Engine update
  • Vulkan API removed due to stability issues
  • Heathen Systems update (foundation code of the game)
  • UI update
  • Streamlined GUI
  • Improved key bindings and key mapping systems
  • Improved visual effects across the board
  • Improved audio (systems)
  • And new sound FX and music with more to come
  • New ships
  • Carriers! … & their strike craft
  • Better turrets (visuals)
  • Bigger galaxy (more star systems)
  • Support for much larger space battles
Terran Update

Terran Update


Heathen Engineering’s Terran has been updated with new combat missions, improved ship AI, new ship parts and design features like decals and materials...

June Patch Released

June Patch Released


Heathen Engineering’s Terran released a big patch today introducing programmable parts, new ship hulls and the return of missile weapons. The patch...

Heathen Engineering's Terran: Update!

Heathen Engineering's Terran: Update!


Heathen Engineering’s Terran Early Access hits the one month mark and celebrates with a major patch release and a new web face! The latest patch for...

Heathen Engineering's Terran available now!

Heathen Engineering's Terran available now!


Today, March 21st, marks the start of early access Phase 1; and we at Heathen Engineering want to make certain you understand what this means. Early Access...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 17)

hey guys just checking in i just bought your game cant wait to get into it.ive been following it for a while now .
i was wondering when i loaded it up i just see campaign which takes you to the galaxy screen where ur empire starts . i was wondering how i get to the ship builder and i seen in Sector K72 Beta Release you can fly around in first person lead ships into battle and you have contacts how do i get to that ?

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lodendsg Creator

Hi bigdady85 sorry for the delay, we don't get notifications when posts are made here.

As for the ship editor it has been disable for the time being while we focus on gameplay refinements. As to flying a ship around in 3rd person, yes you can!

In combat you can select any of your ships by simply clicking on it and then take direct control of it by pressing Tab (default) to enter pilot mode, pressing tab again will return to command mode.

The patch coming up (info on release date coming soon) brings with it several key improvements to the UI and in game guidance that should help with learning how to play and accessing features like pilot mode.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I think you need to review a couple of things, firstly you're trying to sell an early access game at full price even though your game has very little features, it won't entice people to purchase early to "support development" and looking at steam it's been 3 months since you've done an update which also doesn't look very good.

However the idea of your game excites me and sounds really promising so i'll follow the project for now but please consider the points I've made.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
lodendsg Creator

Thank you for your feedback, and apologies for the delay this message didn't appear in my box yet its dated for Sep :(

Starting the Early Access off so early in the development process and at full price has been a question mark for quite a few.

Terran's Early Access however was not started so early in order to fund the game's development rather to enable those interested in the game to get in early and help mature it not simply test it. As you noted the game is not yet feature complete, as of the Sep patch Terran is still in Phase 1.

As to span between Steam announcements or updates to the Main branch I'll bring that to the team. The Beta branch which is available on Steam to all who have the game is updated rather frequently with its changes reflected on the Trello road map, while Main is only updated as given bench marks are hit and stabilised such as the Sep patch. This can certainly be improved to at the very least be more apparent and we will take that on board.

We are gearing up to announce the next patch now which will transition the game into Phase 2 of our Early Access plan and is a perfect time for us to make changes and improvements to how we meet the communities needs. I hope you follow the project and let us know what you think.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
lodendsg Creator

Heathen's Terran is am ambitious game featuring capital spaceship combat, ship building, faction, corporation, bounty hunter gangs and crime syndicates that can be formed, taken over or joined and served. Manufacturing, politics, trade, black markets and a rich persona system for the NPCs.

The game features can be staggering; so is it all to much, not enough or is goldilocks and just right?

Which feature/s sound most interesting to you or have we just missed your favourite of SciFi gaming all together. Let us know on the Steam Greenlight Concept page where we have set up discussion forums for this and more.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
lodendsg Creator

We want to hear from you. Over the life of the project we have got some great feedback and ideas and have take that into the game.Your feedback thus far has done a lot to help realise Terran and there is still a lot to do so be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Steam or anywhere else you like be and leave your thoughts, ideas and criticisms.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks very awesome. I can't wait to see more gameplay. Will you be able to land on those pretty planets?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
lodendsg Creator

While planet side gameplay is something we have thought about a lot its below some of the other wishes on the list :)

Territory Assets
Take ownership of planets, stations, fields, etc. and build/expand on them increasing population, resource gain and output of various products such as ship components, commodities and technologies. Become your own faction and enter the political/conquest side of life.

Create or otherwise 'acquire' business, establish trade and manufacturing, employ or be employed to climb the corporate steps. A powerful corporation can even rival the authority and power of the factions.

Establish or join criminal organizations, weave a network of smugglers, contraband manufactures, spies and other shady operations for profit or just to mix it up ;)

Become a bounty hunter, vie for position on the hunters leader board and earn more profitable contracts with none of the baggage associated with military service or faction rule... not every one likes politics, sometimes you just want to blow things up :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

this is going to be epic! i been waiting for a game that i can do all this in!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
lodendsg Creator

Things are moving along and we hope to announce the start date for Early Access soon.

We will be running Early Access in 3 notable phases the first of which will focus on the Ship Editor (build custom ships) and of course testing them out in space and combat :)

Hope you keep an eye on Terran and see how it matures, it has come so far just since the Greenlight we really cant wait to get it out to people and start the feedback loop!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i definitely will i have been waiting a long time for a game to come out like this. i wish you the best of luck and il keep a eye out forsure.

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