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This is a free 2D game engine made to simplify the code of any 2D game. I (FloppidyDingo) created it after making a game for a friend of mine. It turned out to be a 13,000 line mess of code, and it was very buggy and inefficient. But, I created a sort of engine embedded in the source code. So I then decided to take that code, clean it up, and form it into a real engine. Thus, Dingo Engine was born. It is almost finished, all it needs is the physics processor and a map editor. It is for the JavaFX platform, and I've only tested it on Windows. But it should work for mac and Linux, thanks to Java's "one size fits all" concept. It isn't much now, but there will be improvements as time progresses. Eventually, I'll have an independent IDE made for it, but for now it's just a library.

List of features:

  • Wandering AI
  • Enemies that follow targets
  • Map loading
  • Sound with balancing
  • Timed events
  • Action Lists
  • User Text interface
  • Both physics for Platformer and Top-Down games
  • Solid walls
  • Skins and animations
  • Spawning
  • Physics interrupts
  • Collision detection
  • Camera target
  • Basic vector math
  • Doors!!!!

What will be in the next version:

  • Asset Manager
  • A reworked render thread (allows the use of effects)
  • Lights
  • Audio sources and listeners (much like speakers and ears)
  • Particles
  • More advanced vector math
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Alpha 0 Released!


It's finally here! The Dingo Engine is now in Alpha 0. Why zero? Because it hasn't been fully tested yet, so there still may be some major bugs I need to fix. However, basic gameplay like gravity, controls, and collision detection are functional. I have posted the library and source code on Github, under the BSD license. There are no tutorials yet, but they will slowly appear on the Github Wiki as I make them. Once I do that, then go ahead and start breaking stuff!

Performance is actually very good right now. The collision detection isn't the best and is very prone to clipping, but that shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't apply absurdly large forces to objects, such as 1000 units. That's another thing, velocity and force don't really have a unit with this engine. Well, velocity's units are pixels/frame. Animations are as smooth as you allow them to be. The graphics aren't anything amazing, but that will change once I add a rendering pipeline to the mix.

Right now there are no tools to develop with, but I am working on a map editor. Or, I had one until the code got so messy that I decided to start over.

Development will be slow for a while. I have a much bigger game in progress, plus school and life. But don't worry, this engine is still being worked on. Alpha 1 will be released hopefully sometime during the summer.

You can get the engine here: Github.com

Dingo Engine Under Testing

Dingo Engine Under Testing


The Dingo Engine is almost there, it just needs testing and debugging.

Release Date postponed

Release Date postponed

News 1 comment

News about an unfortunate crash that caused a major delay in development.

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