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Heroes of Delum - real-time strategy, single and multiplayer co-op game. Play as 1 to 5 friends and survive together!
Being inspired by the Kodo Tag custom map/scenario from Warcraft 3, which is one of its popular "mod", we decided to work on releasing a dedicated game around the concept, with lots of changes and variations, both in theme and gameplay.

You play a nameless hero who fights against near endless hordes of monsters that spawn from a magic portal created by the dark forces of Delum.

Your only goal is to survive: collect resources, build defenses, upgrade your character.
Win, using your brawn and brains, and the help of your friends!

  • 1 to 5 players online co-op
  • Requires skill and thinking
  • Randomly occurring events for a dynamic gameplay
  • Difficulty levels from cake to hellish nightmare!
  • More game modes to come
  • A variety of enemies with different strengths to overcome
  • Different world environments
  • ...and ninja cats!

We are a very small independant team of 2 dedicated game developers who want to share our gaming passion around the world!
We already have developed several games, this one being our latest and most complete.
The work continues on Heroes of Delum but the actual version is more than playable and contains most of the game's features that we intended to create.

In advance thanks for your comments and input and please do have fun!

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The new demo is out!


We heard your feedback and worked hard to give you a better experience when playing our game. Along with new features, the main change of this version allows anyone to host a game without the necessity to forward a port!

As always, this new version is available for PC, Linux and Mac on this website.

If you like what you see, please support us by checking out our Steam Greenlight :)

Host a game

To start a game, the processus stays the same. Launch Heroes of Delum and click on Play. You will see the servers list like below. You can join any game you want, or create your own to either play alone or with friends.

Some options are required like entering the server’s name and the maximum number of players in your game.

Your friends can see your server on the list and can join you with no problem, even if you have no forwarded port!

As you can see, they will appear with you around the bonfire in the background.

The Shrines

Heroes of Delum is a RTS where the main strategy is to build a base that can protect your hero from enemies that rush towards you constantly. This core gameplay may get you bored if you are too comfortable inside your base, which is why we favour a more dynamic gameplay via innovative gameplay features. For example, some enemies will sneak inside your base and make you want to flee. Also, your lack of resources will force you to expand your base to find more wood or gold somewhere else on the map. Furthermore there are events throughout the game that will pick the player’s interest and make him go out his base willingly to pick a reward, or save a friend that has been killed.

The Shrines are events-based structures that are placed around the map. They will pick the player’s interest and force him to make a move, go outside his base, take a risk in order to destroy a threat.

Shrine are a threat to you and will spawn enemies until you deactivate them!

Hungry? No problem!

If you feel hungry or low on health, be assured! Enemies now have a chance to drop some taste meat on death. Looting it will give you back some of your health. Careful though: going out of your base is a risk you don’t always want to take...

Buff Boss

We increased the endboss’ strength to make it more challenging to secure victory.

We improved his AI as well and, because why not, some of his sound effects!

0.24.0 Patch notes


  • Players can host a game without port forwarding (NAT Punchthrough)
  • 4 Shrines placed on the map: when one is activated, it spawns enemies until deactivated by the player
  • Enemies drop food on death that heal the player
  • Notification on main menu when a new version is available
  • Timer for next wave
  • The player gets a shield after respawning to not get spawn killed
  • Ask username on first launch in main menu


  • Rename “Rage” wave to “Berserker”
  • Boost arrow speed for base tower, poison tower and ice tower
  • Upscale reward chest collision
  • Remove “Townhall” structure
  • Towers always shoot towards enemies to avoid weird trail angles
  • Add random pitch on some sounds to avoid repeatability
  • Placing a mine: snap on it if near enough
  • Add life regeneration on HP boost passive
  • Update minimap at game launch
  • Add research percent on hover bar
  • Boss
    • + 50% HP
    • +100% physical damage
    • Time between cast skill passed to [3;6] seconds from [5;15]
    • Fire rain
      • Cooldown from 40 to 30
      • Fireball count from 100 to 40
      • Time between fireball from 0.03 to 0.1
      • Fireball damage from 20 to 40
      • Fireball aoe from 1.5 to 2
      • Fireball speed from 6 to 5
    • Fire line
      • Cooldown from 40 to 30
    • Fire zone
      • Cooldown from 40 to 30
    • Jump
      • Cooldown from 40 to 20
    • Spawn fairies
      • Cooldown from 40 to 30
  • Use random port : allow user to host multiple games on the same IP

Bug fixes

  • Fix enemies always targeting nearest player
  • Allow to build a mine when player is near
  • Disallow player to repair destroyed and upgrading structures
  • Fix multiple kills from DOT
  • Fix spelling for cannon towers
  • Fix keepalive delay for in-game servers
  • Fix current researching title cutted
  • Remove enemies name from client (HUD)
  • Fix gold amount on client for easy difficulty
  • Fix possibility to join full game
  • Update “not buildable zones”
  • Fix issue with fast connection/deconnection on server producing duplicates
  • Fix incorrect white grid on mine placement for the first frame
  • Fix crash when going back to lobby
  • Fix HP regen on client
  • Fix timeout issue in lobby
  • Avoid newline on servername
  • Fix client pathfinding through tree

What do you think of these changes? Don’t hesitate to contact us or leave comments to give us feedback ;)

Playable Demo for Windows, Linux and Mac!

Playable Demo for Windows, Linux and Mac!


We finally released the alpha for Windows, Linux and Mac! Try it out :)

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Heroes of Delum 0.24.1 Mac x64

Heroes of Delum 0.24.1 Mac x64


A hotfix for the tutorial from the version 0.24.0.

Heroes of Delum 0.24.1 Linux x64

Heroes of Delum 0.24.1 Linux x64


A hotfix for the tutorial from the version 0.24.0.

Heroes of Delum 0.24.1 Windows x64

Heroes of Delum 0.24.1 Windows x64


A hotfix for the tutorial from the version 0.24.0.

Heroes of Delum 0.24.0 Linux x64

Heroes of Delum 0.24.0 Linux x64


Alpha 0.24.0 of Heroes of Delum for Linux. Anyone can host without forwarding a port!

Heroes of Delum 0.24.0 Mac x64

Heroes of Delum 0.24.0 Mac x64


Alpha 0.24.0 of Heroes of Delum for Mac. Anyone can host without forwarding a port!

Heroes of Delum 0.24.0 Windows x64

Heroes of Delum 0.24.0 Windows x64


Alpha 0.24.0 of Heroes of Delum for Windows. Anyone can host without forwarding a port!

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