The Drag[en]gine is an free software project with a highly modular structure based on the GLEM System. Its design is similar to an operating system. The entire functionality is provided by Modules comparable to device drivers. The engine itself acts like a system kernel managing modules, resources and abstracting the underlying system. Due to the loose coupling of the modules with the system and other modules it is very easy to exchange or improve them without interfering with the rest of the engine. As a result the modularity extends from the developer to the end user who can now choose the optimal module combination for his personal computer even down to per game setups ( and even while running a game ) if required. Developers do not have to worry anymore about low level concerns keeping them concentrated on their game. In contrary to other engines (including high-end commercial ones) the Drag[en]gine provides true 0-Day portability of games with no extra costs and no troubles neither for the developer nor the end user.

Advantages of the Drag[en]gine

... for the Game Designer:

  • Use your Scripting Language of choice.
  • Hardware is fully abstracted. You only have to know how your chosen Scripting Language works
  • Updating the engine and modules is handled by the respective teams. You only have to worry about updating your game
  • No need to write specific content for specific systems. The users choice of modules takes care of this for you

... for the Module Coder:

  • Play around with individual parts of the engine without disturbing any other part. Test easy and fast new algorithms or features
  • Various debugging features help to debug fast and easy modules even during run-time
  • Loose coupling and high encapsulation yields in a more stable game engine
  • Platform specific code is only handled in modules increasing portability

... for the Customer:

  • Choose the optimal combination of modules for your system. The Drag[en]gine adapts to match your system not the other way 'round!
  • Open standards and free file formats ensure unrestricted and easy modding using free software applications
  • Various Launchers allow you to use the Drag[en]gine for more than just gaming
  • The Crash Recovery System prevents a game from crashing to desktop. While CRS is running change parameters or entire modules and continue your game from where it went out for lunch.

For more information check out the Drag[en]gine Wiki.


Due to the modular nature a fixed list of engine features as other engines provide is not possible since it all depends on the customer's choices. To avoid cluttering the summary find the features list in this article:

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A few technical things stood on the list of things to do in the last couple of days. I put them up here for a change since they include game mechanic stuff.

New Inventory Handling

On the game mechanics side there had been some improvements here and there. One of the larger changes I wanted to do since some time is the change of Inventory Handling. This is due to the goal of No HUD just real interaction. Since interactions are real interactions the HUD gets in the way so it has been more and more removed. The last remaining piece has been the Quick Use Slots. Interesting fact: it has been one of the earliest scripts in the project. Things evolved for the better.

The inventory is now entirely off-view. To see it the player uses the mouse wheel (or whatever key you bind to inventoryNext and inventoryPrev. The panel shows first all quick-assigned items in your jacket then all others. This way you can access all things you picked up for example to inspect them from up close (the examine mode shown in the tutorial map video). With the panel open the player can now assign quick-use to items by pressing one of the quick-use keys. The text color indicates VIP Items. You can not drop those items by accident but you can hand them over to NPCs in certain situations. This short video shows how this now works:

Left are now some debug HUD elements gone in the final product. Now it's where it should be: only real interactions and no HUD.

Long Range Rendering

This is a problem I for some time now and many will know: the dreaded Z-Buffer Artifacts. Since I need rendering up close dealing with Z-Problem had been an important topic. A good test case for this had been the ZPOC test-case which easily uses 2km draw-range and more. Epsylon does not need this much of a draw range but solving the Z-Problem one way or the other solves all problems at the same time.

I tried different ways to solve the problem and it requires a certain level of GPU to work but it is working now they way it should. The fix applies to everything: Camera rendering and Shadow rendering. It is interesting how many problems the changes caused to various shaders all around but it has been worth the trouble. There are some small issue remaining with the SSR but that should be sorted out sooner or later. Just some compare screenshots on the way.

Up Next

Be surprised... I won't disclose... at least not here. Follow on twitter for regular news or wait for larger ones here on IndieDB.

Let's Play: Tutorial Mission

Let's Play: Tutorial Mission

Epsylon 1 comment

This video here is taking you from the start all the way through the tutorial mission. New content, new game mechanics, new tricks, and more snooping...

Height Terrain Navigation Space

Height Terrain Navigation Space


A little candy before the next news post comes around.

Dynamic Audio System

Dynamic Audio System


This time around the Audio System received some overdue additions in preparation for what is to come.

AI! AI, Everywhere!

AI! AI, Everywhere!

Epsylon 1 comment

During the last month a lot of work went into AI development, performance optimizing scripts and the usual feature improvements and bug-fixing.

Add game Games



Epsylon - The Guardians of Xendron takes the player on a journey to a futuristic world investigating a very special Science-Fiction setup. With a team...

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wow, this engine looks really promising. Sadly I use a mac and can't run it, Is there any plans for a mac version? It wouldn't be to hard to port it if it runs on Linux.

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Dragonlord Creator

The engine is POSIX based. Only thing that has to be ported is the launcher as the rest would work out of the box. Only problem: I've no access to a mac. If anybody donates a mac strong enough to run advanced graphics it could be done. Otherwise I'm afraid not for the near future.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Darn, the problem is that macs are fairly pricy, It would be hard to find a person willing to donate a up to date mac.
Also just wondering, what is the launcher written in?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dragonlord Creator

They are written in C++. This is though not mandatory. Every language able to link to a C++ library can be used to write a launcher.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looking for some updates, I have hi hopes for this engine. Anyway to keep the mouse pointer a normal pointer tho?, that looks like it will stunt my productivity.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dragonlord Creator

The updates are there (huge ones) but it's all too connected to split apart. I'll inform in due time. Concerning the mouse pointer it is just my developer system. Neither the game engine nor the design tools force any mouse pointer on you. That would be really stupid :D

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Really love the video and how the dragon was modeled

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, could this be used for example, to make a game that's a combination between Civ and Total War?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dragonlord Creator

In general you can use it for any kind of game. The engine is build on prodiving a generic approach with common game building elements without limiting you on a certain game type.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

One question - is there any kind of lightmap baking involved for static meshes, such as in Unreal Engine? I recently used Unity, CrySDK and Unreal 4 and U4 needs different assets (convex/closed meshes are best), while Cry and Unity don't and light everything in realtime; or so it seems.

If the first is the case, would it be possible to bake lightmaps for the levels in Maya and use them in your editor? I've always found it annoying how you are forced to bake these lightmaps with UDK's crappy baking. I would always prefer to bake it in my 3D program, because then I can have some control.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dragonlord Creator

The graphic modules are free to choose dynamic or static lighting as they see fit. The default is fully dynamic lighting. If a graphic module chooses to use static lighting it is responsible to build those on the fly itself.

The graphic module used here does fully dynamic lighting. I could add a pre-lighting texture property if the demand exists. In this case the light map could be done with any application able to export them to an image file.

I don't know about CE but as far as I know Unity works a lot with light maps while it though also supports dynamic lighting.

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Toying with more constructed texture support leads to funny things sometimes :D #indiedev #indiegames #swissgames

Mar 18 2017

Constructed Texture added to Drag[en]gine Game Engine. Nifty stuff for artists: #indiedev #indiegames #swissgames

Mar 12 2017

Info and details about Locomotion in the Drag[en]gine Game Engine Get Moving

Feb 22 2017

Reworked inventory. Goal: No HUD just real interaction. #indiedev #indiegames #swissgames

Jan 16 2017

No more Z-Fighting in the free Drag[en]gine Game Engine No more camera tricks:

Dec 17 2016

Let's Play: Tutorial Mission! Don't forget to vote; #ioty #infiedev #indiegames #swissgames

Dec 8 2016

Floating, impersonal Mini-Maps are boring. Epsylon gives you real in-game Mini-Map: #indiedev #indiegames #indiedb

Nov 29 2016

Combine all stuff: snooping around, nicking files, checking files on your smartphone #indiedev #indiegames #indiedb

Sep 26 2016

Found some security footage on the laptop snooping around. Who might this guy be? #indiedev #indiegames #indiedb

Sep 18 2016

New document reader app for snooping around and nicking files to your smartphone. #indiedev #indiegames #indiedb

Sep 13 2016

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