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It's the time of the year again to reruit testers again so let's all start applying and get some testing done

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Good news everyone, we've once again reached a point in time where we're hiring new testers!

So how do you become a tester?
If you want to be a tester you will have to meet some requirements, but I'm sure that everyone who wants to be a tester won't have any problems making sure he'll meet those.


You have to have a BHP forum account.

- How else would you join us in the tester forums?

You have to have a Skype account.
- Today, we use Skype to enhance the communication between devs and testers. Make sure you'll be able to participate in our conversations about the game.

You have to have Team Speak 3.

- We use teamspeak during testing sessions to make sure everything goes according to plan and to communicate with each other effectively. You don't need a microphone and you do not need to speak. As long as you have the ability to listen, you should be fine. (We'd would appreciate it if you do have a microphone!)

You have to have a Google account.

- We use a Google calander system to inform testers who are away from home about new testing sessions, so make sure you have one!

You have to be able to enjoy our games.

- Because, why else would you apply for testing?

If you want to apply for testing, you should fill in the form below and include the form in your E-mail.

BHP/Forum nickname:


How long have you been playing our games?:

Why do you want to be a tester?:

Why should we hire you?:

Extra information we should know about you:

So, do you think you've got what it takes to play our games, find and report bugs and provide us with a mountain of feedback? If so, E-mail your application to bluehellproductions@gmail.com or bhp.nodlied@gmail.com .

Remember, you will be testing all three games, so we're only interested in players who want to test all games, not just one of them.

Let us know why you're the best tester we've ever seen and maybe you'll soon be part of our tester team!

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