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Thanks to the gaming community in general, and to you at IndieDB in particular, Gravity Vector breezed through Steam Greenlight in less than two weeks!

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Yep, Gravity Vector got through Steam Greenlight and it was a quick trip: thanks to your curiosity and interest, we only needed to wait a couple weeks for Valve to acknowledge us.


Aim for the stars! We believed in what we were doing and so did you!

Of course, as we got the merry new, we rolled our sleeves even higher up and started working with even more passion on the game, strong of the fact that the originality of our project was being well received by the community.

We got some competent people from development forums to test the alpha stage of Gravity Vector and we got both positive and negative reviews, thing that pushed us onto the criticized aspects of the game to make them better, to address every single hiccup and bug survived after our final checks and to eradicate them methodically. The results of the corrective work pleased our alpha testers, thus we can safely announce...

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...that we are at a good point with the playable demo!

We will deliver to both Steam and IndieDB. The demo will come to you with a decent selection of enemies and obstacles, an array of about 10 to 15 levels and a small part of the modifications and upgrades that will be available in the final release. Only one capsule, but there are more already being modeled as I'm typing this.


Mines' behaviour, a planet's atmosphere + gravity pull strength and sound engineering

We dedicate most of our free time to the making of the game, trying to make it as modular and universally enjoyable as possible. Different sections of stages divided by difficulty level and typology, customizable vessels, many mods which will change your capsule's looks and functionality even further and a catchy soundtrack fitting the ambiance with the added bonus of dynamicity! The tracks will change depending on the situations your current run puts you into!


Tidy and easy to read blueprints help a lot with bug hunting!

That is all for this pre-demo update.
We take the occasion, through these last lines of text, to once again express our appreciation for the extensive support we got from all of you. Really...

Thank you

TolMera - - 1 comments

Hey Congratulations!!! that looks Awesome!

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POLIEXA - - 10 comments

Thanks for the nice words TolMera :)

Hope you will enjoy the demo! Don't forget to leave your opinion after playing it!

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