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The Overview for the latest Patch for The Other 99 V0.3.

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Full Patch Notes can be found Here:

Hello All!

V0.3 is here! We have all be very busy at Burning Arrow since our last patch; We’ve been squashing bugs, making improvements and implementing new features that we think you will enjoy.

So without further ado here is our patch overview for V0.3.

New Story Areas
Along with a new story line, the world has seen a number of improvements. The village, caves by the beach and earlier areas have all had upgrades to make them more interesting to explore and discover.

The new storyline follows a survivor trying to understand why they're there and his efforts to make contact with other survivors in order to stay alive. You must follow the clues he has left in order to find out all he knows. This storyline will continue when we expand out the island to new areas and will add to the overarching narrative.

New AI Behaviours
With each patch we really want to improve the AI and how it interacts with you. With this latest update we've included cowardly AIs that will cower and flee when you approach them.

Combat Improvements
Along with adding some better behaviours to how the AIs respond to combat, we've also balanced up and iterated the players movement capabilities. This means that the AIs now strafe and try to come at you from different angles and try to maintain a distance. With the improvements to the animation systems behind the scenes, the blending of animation states in the AI is now a lot better. AI will now run to keep up with you during combat, blending through animation states to give a smoother experience. On top of this, the player movement speed has been tweaked to give the combat a more grounded feeling. We hope this patch has laid the ground work for some awesome combat stuff we're planning to do in the future.

We have decided to open up some of our benchmarking dev tools and make them accessible by anyone that wants to use them. You can find them located in the options menu in the main menu. They are primarily for testing out our new scalability and graphics settings that should be a little more extensive than the settings we've had in the past. This is to help people not playing on higher end PCs.

Other Stuff
We've also got lots of smaller things that we think will improve the experience of the game in general, like updated clothing sets, as well as some stuff requested by the community. These include the option to not delete your save file on death and the ability to disable the HUD to take screenshots. We're thinking we might roll these into a different game mode going forward but for the time being, they're accessible to all players.

That’s all from us for the time being, full patch notes are available below. As always, we'll be on the forums to answer any questions and listen to any feedback.

Cheers everyone,

The Burning Arrow team

Full Patch Notes can be found Here:

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