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The Other 99 is a single player, first-person, action-survival game. Ripped from your ordinary life you awaken on a desolate Hebridian island with nothing but a single note that reads, “The only way off the island is through The Other 99”

Described as a British Battle Royal, Lost meets Fight Club and digital Lord of the Flies.

The Other 99 is a game of mystery, exploration, brutal combat, stealthing mechanics and problem solving. But be careful: your death is permanent!

One objective. Alternate playing styles. Getting off the island is your main objective.

  • Survival of the fittest: Do what it takes to get off the island. Follow the cryptic note and butcher your way to freedom. Only thing is.. many of the other 99 have the same idea.
  • Mind over matter: Keep focus and lurk amongst the bushes, tactically sabotaging camps and assassinating by the dead of night.
  • Discovery: Let animals be animals. Watch from a distance and decipher the mysteries of the island. Maybe there is more to the island than meets the eye.

Dynamic AI system

  • Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Simulations are hard at work in the background determining how AI’s move, kill and survive. This effects the world you play in and provides unique situations every time. Campfires are lit because AI have actually visited them and bodies are there because they have died, the world lives around you.

Directional based combat

  • Button mashing will get you nowhere! Combat is directional based, so use of analogue sticks or the mouse is required to determine the direction of your attacks.
  • How you use your weapon actually matters. Why would you stab with an axe and swing with a shank?

Large open world environment to explore

  • Pick up a lit torch and discover the lore and extensive backstory of the island through rock engravings, notes and environmental story telling.
  • Go where you please! Nothing is stopping you from walking to the other side of the playable area. Well.. Potentially 99 psychologically damaged murderous people.

Dynamic day-night cycle and ever changing weather system

  • Keep track of day and night cycles as this will change visibility on both you and the other 99. Lighting fires at night or running through open fields during the day are decisions you must make.
  • Weather can be varied, rain blocking out the sound of footsteps and thunder illuminating the path ahead are elements you can use to your tactical advantage.

Hunger and thirst

  • Maintaining hunger and thirst doesn’t just keep you alive, it ensures you are strong for every encounter you face.
  • Explore more efficiently by keeping well hydrated.
  • Kill more efficiently by maintaining your nutrition.

Puzzle and problem solving

  • Solve perspective puzzles, collect components and decipher notes. These will lead to greater rewards and bring you closer to understanding what is happening on the island.

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The Other 99 is 50% off on Steam FOR ONLY 48H! The largest discount we've seen so far. Won't be getting lower than this guys.

Since launch 6 months ago we have been working hard updating the game (currently working on our 6th major update) . Recently just released a theatrical teaser trailer, with a feature trailer coming today.

The Other 99 V0.5 Overview

The Other 99 V0.5 Overview


A technical overview of patch V0.5 of The Other 99.

Patch V04 Overview

Patch V04 Overview


A technical overview of patch V0.4 of the other 99.

The Other 99 Patch V03 Overview

The Other 99 Patch V03 Overview


The Overview for the latest Patch for The Other 99 V0.3.

CheezeCrostata - - 363 comments

Sounds interesting. Anywhere I can download this yet?

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Wylie_Coyote - - 78 comments

This is a rad idea! Can't wait to see more!!
Much Love.

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