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Developer Log of our first real month working on Technophobia.

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Let me introduce myself. I am rogueknight5 and along with my artist make up Cover Fire Games. We are a super SMALL indie team trying to make our first commercial game Technophobia. Technophobia is a single player/local multiplayer game which takes place in the distant future with mankind's fate hanging in the balance. Let me go into some detail before I discuss our current progress.

main menu snapshot

You are part of a super awesome robot fighting force. Though you and your team never realize it your job is incredibly dangerous. Your goal in game is to clear as many levels as possible without resorting to more drastic measures. The game really encourages teamwork if possible although single player will provide AI allies to assist you.


The game play is designed to be engaging by constantly having the player face overwhelming odds. Your only job is to stay alive long enough to put a dent into the enemies forces. Your goal isn't to eradicate all robots. Just destroy enough to make it safe for other less experienced teams to finish it for you! All in all there will be about 15 levels ranging from abandoned weapon factories to beach resorts.


Now how is our progress coming? So far we are super happy about where we are. We started really working on the game December 7th 2016. The idea for the game has been floating around for quite some time now and in the past had some basic game play. After we had some changes in our employment(at the moment game-dev doesn't pay the bills. And to be honest don't expect it too anytime soon. But that is another article) we started really working hard on making the game we always wanted. Having an artist on the team has been a huge blessing. Not only does it help the budget but having someone to bounce ideas off and work with is really helpful. Personally I do most of the programming and marketing.

Many of the core features in the game are already set-up. We ended up adding somethings we weren't original planning on but feel they are important to the game design. Really we should be cutting things out not adding, but we know this is the right decision. Right now I have been working on the local multiplayer side of things and getting that up and running. As with everything in this game things have taken longer than expected and that includes getting local multiplayer working right.

Our artist is creating levels left and right. He almost has 3 levels complete and will soon start work on the 4th. Even though we had really expected to have everything ready by mid to late January adding the extras has made February look more likely.

So what is coming for for this January? First of all we have a lot of work to do polishing the game. This includes all those "we'll fix that later" bugs. However by February I really expect most if not all of the game to be complete. We have some side things we want to add but we will see how things are going by then. The biggest hurdle is going to be having believable AI allies. I have some ideas but its something I have never done before so we will see :)

If you are still here reading thanks for sticking around! Hope I haven't rambled to much! Please feel free to send us a comment with what you think! We are very active on twitter @coverfiregames and will be posting here MUCH more often so we hope to see you around!

Thanks again!


This looks awesome! Can't wait to see more!

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rogueknight5 Author

Thank you!

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