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2 players work toward clearing levels of enemy robot infestations that have taken over various locations around the galaxy. Teammates work together not just to survive, but to help save humanity against its greatest threat!

We have memories of playing cool games with friends and hopefully we are able to make this game just as enjoyable. Right now most of the hard tasks are complete. If things go the way we hope we will be completely done in about a month or two. But as the saying goes the last 10% is a killer. :(

We really miss games that provided fun local multiplayer experiences and hope that this game reaches that mark! We will be updating regularly as we move along and look forward to sharing more of what we are working on!

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Hello everyone,

It has been about a month since our first real dev-log for our upcoming game Technophobia. I'm super excited to report how our 2nd month has been progressing and what we have been working on. Just in case you missed our first article Technophobia is a local multiplayer game that has a focus on teamwork and fun gameplay. The game takes place in the distant future with mankind's fate hanging in the balance.

Since our last post, we have been working on two fronts: Level creation and local multiplayer. I'm super fortunate to have an artist on the team who has been working non-stop on creating new levels and adding cool background details to the levels. Ranging from deprecated weapons factories to luxury resorts the robots have spared nothing from their reign of terror.




As mentioned we have also been working hard on local multiplayer. While we've had the ability for multiplayer in our game for some time now, we've had many "We'll fix that later" bugs or incomplete features that had to be finished. Thank goodness we should have all these fixed very soon. For example, we created the main menu before we really had multiplayer implemented so that has been an important focus of the past week or so. I think we've made the main menu pretty cool! We have some slight modifications to make but overall we are very happy!

Overall we are super happy with our current progress! Right now the focus is getting our game to a playable alpha status. We want the multiplayer to be bug-free and if things go as planned the first real alpha will have 5 playable levels. Thanks for reading and if you would be interested please follow us @coverfiregames! We would love to hear any comments or suggestions you may have!

Till next time,


The First Real Month Working On Technophobia

The First Real Month Working On Technophobia

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Developer Log of our first real month working on Technophobia.

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