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Post news RSS Telefrag VR is available now on Steam, Oculus and PlayStation VR!

Telefrag VR is now available on Steam Store, Oculus Store, and PlayStation Store. Make sure you have what it takes to become a space gladiator.

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Gladiators, the wait is over!

Telefrag VR is now available on Steam, Oculus, and PlayStation VR. Make sure you have what it takes to become a space gladiator. Prepare your VR headset and one of the supported controllers (from Touch Controllers to 3dRudder and PS Aim (coming soon)!) In case if you still wonder, here's the new Telefrag VR Launch Trailer. Check it out! :)


Compete on 5 unique arenas: The Fallen Champion, The Mobius Villa, The Lazarus Grotto, The Imperial Shipyard and The Six Leagues Under. Each of them will give you a completely different experience, but above all, many challenges. We put in your hands a full arsenal of destruction, inspired by the legendary tools of extermination from the classic 90's FPS games: Particle Cannon, Laser Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher. Pick the best loadouts, conquer the enemies, and finally make a name for yourself - The Champion.


For those who are not following our news, here's the short brief, what are the core features of the game.

Telefrag VR is set in an alternative universe where the Roman Empire never collapsed and instead consolidated its power on earth and continued to expand into outer space. The conquering of new systems and races, and development of new technologies ushered in a new era of gladiator battles.

Loadout Management – Players have a chance to utilize different loadouts, each containing two weapons. Every weapon features two firing modes and a unique teleportation attack.

Teleport Attacks and Telefrags – Teleporting allows players’ contact weapons to inflict “Melee Damage” as they shift from one point of the arena to the next, adding an extra layer to the standard teleport mechanic used in VR.

Guns – Projectile weapons inflict “Ranged Damage” upon the target. The game features well-known classic arena shooter weapons.

Fast-Paced matches – You have two different locomotion types at your disposal. Get comfortable with dash movement or experience, why gladiatorial battles are reserved for the most persistent ones in the free locomotion.

Impossible Spaces – Walkable surfaces can be placed regardless of gravity, allowing the player to travel on any designated surface regardless of its rotation and position relative to the “real” floor. This enables multiple angles of attacks and passages through play space, and as a result a fresh take on competitive level design.

Arena Game Mode – A 1v1 gameplay mode where the player enters an arena with 5 weapons ready to pick. Choose two of them to compose the best loadout. We put in your hands (both hands actually) a full arsenal of destruction, inspired by the legendary tools of extermination from the classic 90's FPS games.


In case of any problems with the game, feel free to contact us, using Steam forum or our Discord channel. We'll try to investigate the incoming bug reports as soon as possible. Also, make sure that you're on the loop, 'cause our team is ready to rock with you on Telefrag VR arenas! You will find all the details on Discord.

In behalf of the whole Telefrag VR Team, we hope that Telefrag VR succesfully inject some classic arena shooters vibe to the virtual reality. Let's Get to Fraggin'!

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