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The day of the apocalypse has been scheduled. Are you ready to lead a group of survivors through a world in collapse?

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Survive the Blackout dev log 7

The day of the apocalypse has been scheduled. Are you ready to lead a group of survivors through a world in collapse?

What kind of person would you be if the society wasn't there to watch you? What would you sacrifice to survive in a world, where electronic-dependent civilization has collapsed? How much does it take, to turn people into beasts? What makes them remain human? On February 06, 2020 play Survive the Blackout, and find out!

What is Survive the Blackout

Survive the Blackout is a game about choices. Difficult, meaningful choices that affect the lives of the group of survivors that you lead, and the people you encounter on your way. While telling you a story - a little different one, each time you play - it stops after each step and asks you for direction. You will:

  • Try to survive in times of strife and danger get to safety
  • Act like a reclusive loner, a determined survivalist, or idealistic hero
  • Scavenge for resources that are scarce and in high demand
  • Manage your team's health, hunger, stamina and morale
  • Figure out how to overcome obstacles
  • Deal with strangers met on the road

All this, while a story of your journey unravels, and intertwines with the mystery of the Blackout. The narrative is non-linear, depends on your choices and changing circumstances, and it will take more than one playthrough to get the whole picture.

We need you!

Baby Bison Games is a tiny indie team from Poland. Survive the Blackout is quite an ambitious game, and we've developed it with love, passion, friendship, and imagination. Those things - we have in abundance. What we lack, however, is the marketing budget. This is why we turn for help to you - the gamers.

If you think you'll like this game and believe we deserve to reach more people, there's a lot you can do to help!

  • You can add it to your Steam wishlist, to get a notification upon release
  • You can buy it on launch day or close to it ($9.99, and there's going to be a launch-week discount!) - if enough people do, Steam will feature us on the main store page, significantly boosting our visibility
  • You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and occasionally share or retweet our announcements (especially on February 06!)
  • If you're a gaming journalist, blogger, streamer or youtuber, you can request a review steam key

All this seems like a lot, but even one thing off this list that you can do will bring us a little closer to making Survive the Blackout a successful game.

We'd love to hear what you think! What makes you excited for our game? Will you be getting it on day-1? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

Baby Bison Games

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