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Summary of May and June Development. Description of development progress in recent months regarding areas of content, new code and bug fixes.

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Raise Your Civilization is moving slowly forward and a lot of new content and features has been added to it during May and June. Main focus was to added new content - especially building meshes. Having new buildings will drive development in near future to code all actions and behaviors around new buildings. Here are some new buildings added to the game:

Tchatchery Wood gatherer

Wood cutter

Aside new buildings there are a lot of changes related to already existing buildings - especially storehouse building which now includes indicator for stored object places:

Store house indicators

The biggest struggle for me with development in May was a bug around NavMesh. It took me a long time to fix issue with navmesh rebuild when using procedural meshes in Unreal Engine 4. Issue was related to navigation data not being cleared when recalculation has been triggered for new area. Here is example of broken nav mesh:

Broken nav mesh

Finally after long hours and days of debugging the code I managed to find root cause of the issue and it has been fixed.

NavMesh fixed

This was all done in May, June has started with a lot of work done around new content. My Plan in June was and still is to finalize working storehouse. By working storehouse I understand that all stored objects will be displayed in storehouse and characters using storehouse will go to correct place and there will be display of what characters is carrying. All this meshes has been added in June:

Empty Wicker Basket ModelWater Clay Pot Mesh

Thatch Rolled MeshBranches stacked mesh

New models will be used to show character models carring it. To enable this I started to read how Unreal Engine 4 manages attachments for skeletal meshes. I found it pretty simple. They have a concept of socket which is attached to a bone of skeletal mesh.

Skeletal Mesh and Socket

Characters so far have two sockets - one on their back and one attached to hand bone. Here is example of hand socket in action - character carring branches:

Socket - Carry Branches

I'm very happy with development progress from last month. Aside some struggle with nav mesh all other stuff were going smooth with only minor challenges. I'm looking forward to achieve following goals in next two months:

  • Complete Storehouse Actions
    • Show all stored items and its number
    • Characters selects correct place for item its going to take
  • Carring construction materials to construction places
    • Show material type and number close to construction place
    • Remove materials when construction is in progress and with construction progress
  • Wood gatherer animations
    • character should take branches from trees and show amount on ground
    • Taking branches from ground and carring it to storehouse
  • Updated model for food gatherer with actions
  • Thachery building and all actions for this construction
  • Create new buildings models for
    • Water gatherer
    • Clay potterer
    • Hunter
    • Tools crafter

This plan could change - depends what I will find more important or I will have more fund developing :)

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