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Another juicy update on this week's Ale Abbey's development!

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The first week of December is already up and the team is smashing development like going through an advent calendar... only faster.

Today we'll take you through our revamping a previously quasi-completed room, some new assets for the Monastery's brewing operations, and drum roll... the very first sound assets created for Ale Abbey!

We will not be sharing our composer's identity yet as we want to wait until we have something more substantial to give you (*cough* main theme *cough*). Regardless, we felt you deserved a heads up on the production commencing this week :D

Onwards with the news!

-- More brewing gear!

We did share some artwork on Ale Abbey's mashing equipment, but what about the fermentors and the rest of the brewing gear? Well, Raimo has been working in what seems to be overdrive and has managed to work on the other parts of the process; namely the fermentors and their different levels!

Also worked more on the copper boilers with the latest iteration being:

-- Revamping the Cellars

Talking about iterations, you know we can't sit still with the Rooms either...

Be it a new Room (like the Abbott's/Abbesse's Quarters) or a Room that we need to revisit (like the Library) we need to make sure that all Rooms follow some very specific artistic guidelines as well as retain a character that is unique and adds to the overall aesthetic.

You might also remember that we have shared the Cellars quite a bit in the past. With all the new changes in the floors and walls patterns it should come as no surprise that the Cellars would also need to be updated to conform to the changes. And here we are...

-- Our first SFX assets

We could not be more excited about this bit of news. Although Ale Abbey's theme is right now in the works, and it might take a while before we break the news on our Composer's name, we can't keep this cat in the bag any longer.

A few examples of the work we produced this week, the first of many WAVs to follow, some examples of the SFX created for our sleepy Monks and some Recipe scribbling ;)

Like all other assets we share, consider these as WIP as they are still subject to change!

Scribbling over recipes!

Scribbling over recipes!

-- Is non alcoholic beer still beer?

Regardless of the label/name given to it (and it can be called many things...), non-alcoholic beer is still beer; meaning, it still contains alcohol, albeit much lower than beer. If you are more interested in numbers, it'd be somewhere around 0.5% to 0.05% - depending on the nomeclature and legislation surrounding the subject in the country of production/sale.

The reason you can't avoid these small amounts of alcohol stems from the very fact that beer is still a product of fermentation; and alcohol is still a byproduct of this multistep process. This of course comes with pros and cons, the pros being the multiple methods the brewers can eventually produce non-alcoholic beer and the cons being the different obstacles they would need to tackle to do so (from capital investment to loss of flavor in the resulting non-alcoholic beer).

Not going into highly technical detail or exploring all the different methods available, alcohol content can be reduced by tweaking any of the multiple stages of production, be it the choice of raw material, the yeast strain, or even using extremely sophisticated methods to remove the alcohol itself from the resulting beer.

Thankfully, just like any other beer out there, there are those that are extremely successful and those that lack the oomph. Try them out and see what works best for you when you are the designated driver ;)

That is all for this week! Thank you for your time and enjoy your weekend responsibly ;)

-- Hammer & Ravens

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