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In which a gameplay video is completed; publisher-pitches are sent; the new intro is completed; the cutscene -system and -editor sees a little work; and an element of level six is progressed.

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Greetings and salutations!

This week's screenshot shows another still from the new intro cutscene:

Screenshot from 2021 03 01 10 47

The week just past was perhaps a bit of a slow one, but I do feel that it was nevertheless somewhat productive. In particular, three salient tasks were completed!

I believe that I mentioned in last week's blog-post that I was working on a new gameplay video. This video was intended to replace its predecessor, not only in its depiction of the game's mechanics and UI, but also in its depiction of the game's aesthetics.

Well, in the week just past I completed it, I believe! You should see the new video embedded below:

With that done, I moved, at last, on to a task that I had been nervous about: sending out pitches to publishers.

Much of the preparation for this had been done already, and with the last element intended to represent the game--the above-mentioned video--in place, I was, more or less, ready.

In the end I sent out nearly thirty pitches, I believe; some by email, others via on-site forms.

At time of writing I've had six replies, six rejection emails, if I'm not much mistaken. As for the rest, I continue to wait...

Moving back to the game itself, in the week just past I continued work on the intro cutscene. Continued it, and indeed completed it! (Or at least a draft of it.)

Once the initial few scenes were complete, the remainder went relatively swiftly, as I recall: they re-used more, and thus made for lighter work.

Music, however, proved difficult. I didn't want to re-use the main-menu music in a cutscene that's shown immediately after the main menu. But conversely, I didn't seem to have anything better to hand, and I wasn't finding anything that seemed fitting in my searches of royalty-free sites.

In the end, I settled for that main-menu music; it may not be a perfect solution, but it works, I feel.

Still, overall I think that I'm happy with this new cutscene. ^_^

You should see a recording of it embedded here:

And along the way I enacted a variety of changes and fixes in the cutscene system and its editor.

Perhaps most saliently, the editor and cutscene system now allow freer addition of music-entries, where before they only allowed addition to the end of a set of entries. The new approach is rather more convenient! (The implementation is a little hacky, but it seems to be stable.)

And finally, work continued on level six. Specifically, I believe that I've completed, in rough, the previously-mentioned mist-related feature. That said, it is still rough: there are yet issues that I mean to attend to in it, and elements of polish that I intend to enact.

That then is all for this week--stay well, and thank you for reading! ^_^

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