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In this edition of "What's Cookin'?", we talk about the progress we've made on Chapter 2 of the game, the Swedish Game Awards, and more!

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Cookin2023 07 21

✌️Yo! Whaddup?

We’ve been working a fair bit on what is to be the next big step for the game. The development of Chapter 2 is ongoing, and that includes… get ready for the surprising reveal…


Security Bot Speen

Tadaa! Look at it speen.

The Security Bot is mostly finished! We’ll obviously adjust the bot and add more features as we work more on the game, but the baseline functionality for the bot is there.

JKR Security Bot Showcase GIF

Showcase of Security Bot

The Security Bot is a new enemy type in the game. Unlike the Roof Turret, the bot can glide around the stage, either standing still in one spot or patrolling a set of points around the stage.

Although, much like the Roof Turret this time, they share the same set of states. If the player is spotted by the bot, they’ll start targeting the player by shooting at them and following them around while they’re visible. If the player manages to escape the bot's vision, they’ll head to the last known location of the player, and start scouting around the area.

We’ll be adding more features soon for those of you who prefer to play games with a bit more stealth. You can in fact already distract the bot by throwing a sizeable object towards the bot, like a cube, and it’ll start scouting the area.

We’ll talk more about the bot and Chapter 2 in general in future editions of “What’s Cookin’?”, but that’s all we have for now!

🏆Update on The Swedish Game Awards

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SGA Logo, Copyright © 2023 Swedish Game Awards

We’ve just gotten word that the jury is going through all the entries, so… Hopefully, by next month, we’ll know if we’ve been nominated or not!

We’ll keep you updated again once the year's nominations have been published. Let’s pray we get nominated, y’all!

📱No surprises, we’ve got some socials!


Look at all this content!

Do you want something actually interesting on your social feed?
Do you want to be actively kept informed about the development of the game?
Do you want to learn some of the stuff we’ve learned about making games?

If you said yes to ANY of these?
Then I think you’ll really get a kick out of following our Instagram, TikTok, and/or YouTube accounts!

🏃Our Speedrun.com page got a refresh!


Screencap of Just Keep Running’s page on Speedrun.com

Speedrun.com’s UI got a major upgrade, so Vaian and I decided to give the game page a bit of a refresh!

So you’ll find that the UI is, indeed, different. We have a new logo/box art for the game, customized rank icons, the ability to now do IL runs, and… my favourite part… A CUSTOM SPEEDRUN.COM LOGO!

We would love to see some more people try to beat the current best times for the game. So, if you’d like to submit a run, please do!

If you like the game or have any useful feedback, please feel free to give the game a positive review or rating, or just share the game around! It’s a small gesture, but it makes a huge difference and makes us very happy, no matter if it’s positive or constructive criticism.😁

We also welcome anyone to upload or stream their gameplay of Just Keep Running, and feel free to share that gameplay with us if you so wish! FYI, Twitch streamers, we have our own game category on there… 😉

It’ll be a little while until Chapter 2 comes out, so while you wait… You can check out Version 1.4.2 of the game here!

Logo V2 Alternate LQ





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