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A little about how NPCs work, and video of a car driving through them. :3c

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The greetings,

I am hard at work with the randomisation aspect of the game. One of them is using a single skinned mesh renderer with shape keys and UV-offsetting to create all the different NPCs.

Here's what the base NPC looks like:


Here are two images of randomly generated NPCs:



I still need to add "archetype roles" (a bum, a janitor, a police officer, etc.) and add accessories like hats, glasses, ear rings, etc. Currently the clothing is all entirely random with nothing matching, but the beard amount is dependent on available testosterone. ;w;

And since it was requested, here is a bit of driving around at a higher resolution, and smashing into the NPCs:

Here's one more image showing off the Lionoil gas station so far:



I like the big >:3 on the last screenshot. :D

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Quakeulf Author

It is prominent. >:3

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