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Info regarding the Early Access and its new features and developing roadmap.

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Greetings explorers of Utgardr, how are you?

We are reaching this point actually.
This fall of January, be ready to find the Early Access of Project Utgardr on Steam and also on the other stores where we landed -> website.

There will be some new features inside... for a discounted price...

We want to release it since it can help us to fund this game and all our work (this project started 12 months ago).
Also it is important to show something else to the players and to get their comments and ideas to improve the game with its features and environments.

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The whole project is proceeding well. Here below there are a couple of things that we will work for this Early Access and after the release of it:

  • New gameplay features inside (such as some old altars where you could find the old tale of Utgardr).
  • New 3d and 2d assets, to create new zones and ambients and also to improve the menu and the Ui.
  • We want to change the game name, to one that satisfies the Norse mythology, storyline and gameplay... If you got any idea, write it in the comments below, so we can take it into consideration.
  • Other forgotten zones to explore, not present in the Demo.
  • Other hidden parts and mysteries to explore.
  • Original music for each scene (Home, in game...) and also for the different environments present inside (thanks to our composer Diego La Prova, here you can see and listen the first track he made).
  • We want to divide the project in 3 main chapters, each of them lasting around 2/3 hours. The first chapter is under development and it will be released not completely for this Early Access, but it will be finished during it, focusing to develop the quality of the contents and not the quantity.
  • There will not be DLCs for this game. We want to release it at a discounted price during the Early Access and then increase the total price of it, when new chapters will be released. Every chapter (not counting the first one) will increase the total price of about a couple of euros at the most. So people that support now Utgardr, will get the full game without paying the price of when it will be fully released. This is how the games should be done, at least for me.
  • We want to sell as extra contents, only: the original hd soundtracks, the artbook and just these kind of things not related to some addition of the experience of the game. That must be for anyone the same, as i wrote above.
  • If needed, there could be the possibility to support the game with another specific Kickstarter campaign, that will permit people to shape (just a bit) the game inside. This is an example of our last campaign, all detailed and explained.

Well, we are really excited for this Early Access and how it will be received by the players.
So, feel free to share anything related to this post and to the points above mentioned. Utgardr is coming.

In the meantime, regards from the Utgardr team...

EA is coming

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