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The sci-fi game of creation and survival is nearing its launch in Q1 next year. We have been building the game for over 2 years now. We've created the procedural generation Sandy engine for planets with multiple biomes and improved it a hundred times at least. What else did we do? Find out inside this article.

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After two years of developing, showing and half a year of alpha-testing we hear you - it's time to launch this puppy. We're finalizing the gameplay part. Crafting and recipes, tech tree for the building blocks, the first "hour" of the game before players are let out on a vast procedurally generated sandbox that are the voxel planets - real spherical space objects with up to 120 kms in diameter and multiple biomes ranging from the Norh pole to the South one. We're also creating the survival part with player conditions and injuries, environment hazards and beastly dangers.

Biomes Are Getting a Face Lift

In our previous article here on IndieDB we've showed you the new camera effects in action. There are more biomes being reworked for Planet Nomads (and couple new ones to be shown next year) and here they are.

Tundra is meeting the arctic here and you will want to pack your Christmas sweaters for this trip.

Tundra Meets the Arctic in Planet Nomads

The reworked green forest is now more of a jungle. As was originally planned. Notice the bloom effect at work here.

Look at the sun playing with the trees. Planet Nomads

And finally the savanna now feels a little bit more like a trip to the Westworld (which is awesome!)

Westworld in Planet Nomads

So that's the gameplay and ongoing visual work. What else is in the making?


While the modding stretch goal has not been reached on Kickstarter, we've started working on it anyway. For now we have functional changes for crafted items - adrenaline shots, medkits, components, etc. Modders will be able to change the model, texture and stats and effects of these items.

Planet Nomads Modding

After the Early Access / Game in Development launch in Q1 next year, we will start working on adding static blocks to be modded too, as well as world objects like trees, bushes and rocks.

GUI Revamp

With the alpha being tested by Alpha Nomads, we are making changes too. The GUI is going to be more easily readable and understandable (please note these are all work in progress).

Planet Nomads GUI WIP

Planet Nomads GUI Revamp - WIP

So. Do you like what you're seeing thus far? Voting for the Best Upcoming Indie Game of 2016 is well underway and Planet Nomads has been voted TOP100. With your help, it has a solid fighting chance to be up there in the top.

If Planet Nomads is worthy of your time, please give it your two-click vote.

Vote for Planet Nomads - Best Upcoming Indie Game of 2016

Thanks for reading. Even more so for voting. Whatever happens, we're looking forward to showing you the dev progress of Planet Nomads again next year.

Take care,

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VitaminK - - 588 comments

Keeping my eye on this, maybe I'll be getting it in 2017 when it's a lil more developed. Good luck, massive potential!

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{HEROIC}Doci - - 1,848 comments

*Modding Support*
I´m in! :D
Amazing work so far !
If you guys keep up that great work this will be game of the year :)
I hope guys will keep voting :)

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oiramsenun - - 11 comments

I may have missed some explanation cause i'm a lazy bastard who cares little about reading. so i'm a sucker for videos and beautifull screenshots. :D anyways i wanted just to ask if the launch will be full or early access?

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Wylie_Coyote - - 78 comments

Cant wait for a realease date!
Much Love.

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