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We finished mining, polished the building system and held a community event last week.

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Devblog 10

Another busy week!

We did a lot of bug fixing and implemented some new features and content to the demo.

Julian has written a new ore spawning system and implemented mining. We deactivated it until we have finished crafting. We aim to introduce both with the upcoming patch on friday.

We added night vision lenses and the ability to access the base core remotely. Julian has also started working on a new basepart management and loading system. This will make loading a lot faster and also improves the ingame performance.

Tyson outlined some crazy base defense ideas. He also finished the player ship concept and a few additional building part ideas.


base defenses

dropshipVTOL final 1

triangle wall

Lukasz has finished some concepts for the carnivorous plants.

carnivorous plant 11

carnivorous plant 22

Vinod finished animation our giant stalker creature.

Dmitry has been working on the drones. The player will be able to control these remotely and use them for scouting, mining or offensive purposes.

Florian finished a new shader for the shield wall and floors. Looks much better than the shader we used before.

shield wall2

Osman created new, optimized collision objects for all building parts and is busy with some new parts.


Jim finished a first version of the huge dome plant.

dome plant01

We held a community event on saturday. It was a bit chaotic. Especially after someone killed a dev who dropped a whole arsenal of weapons. You can check out the action here :


Sebastian Kaulitzki

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