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It's been a while since I released the final update for LBKR, and since then I've kept myself busy with my new project.

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Demonic Quarrel is to be a action-platformer in which the player must lead a small demon on his journey that takes him from his home in the underworld up to the heaven.


The game is beeing created with a low-poly(ish), flat-colored style and will let the player explore multiple types of environments.

The project is currently in early development, but this far I've implemented most of the core game mechanics, added some early environment assets and characters.


The player can interact with multiple objects in the game world, amongst other things, hook points which the player can reach using his tongue, that works much like a grappling hook.

Some blocks can be dragged and pushed around, and stacked in locations that allow the protagonist to reach surfaces that are out of reach by default.

And finally there are the "Pull Blocks", blocks that the player can pull down using his grappling-hook-ish-tongue.

Also implemented a few things common to alot of games, moving platforms and jump pads among other things, these work pretty much as you'ld expect.

As can be seen in the Jump Pad mechanic video I've also coded the player controller to allow wall-jumping, the player character will also continuously check for ledges to grab hold on and mount for better control and reach when jumping from one surface to another. The player will also be able to double jump, perform a ground slam if in-air and execute many more special movement commands.

I'm trying to not dig very deep into each game mechanic of the game at this time since, as I mentioned before, I'm still in early development, but to give you a quick overview let's have a look at the combat mechanics aswell.

First and foremost the player has a few attacks to select from, punch the enemy, ground slam as seen in the video above, the protagonist is also able to throw fireballs and use a tentacle-thingie-blade. If any of you who read this are following me on twitter you might recall me calling it "chonky-meat-blade-thingie", which is what I call it at this time... I just haven't come up with a name for it... or well pretty much anything, at this time.

The idea at this time is to have each of these attacks, except the punch, to be collectible abilities that are attained over time, since they pack different attack powers. An alternative could be to make them upgradable over time instead.

Apart from the protagonist's abilities the player can also collect weapons from the game world and use against the enemies. And not only that, also any body parts that fall off the enemies you kill will be possible to pick up and use as a weapon, and unlike the weapons in my previous game Loot Burn Kill Repeat, all weapons in Demon's Quarrel can be thrown and will inflict damage if hitting an enemy.


As with LBKR the enemies of Demon's Quarrel will be smashed into pieces by the player, although I've written a completely new way of handling damage models as compared to LBKR, both ways have pros and cons, nothing I'll talk about right now though.

That's it for now, thank you for showing interest and if you have any questions about the project feel free to drop a comment or hit the Follow button. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates!

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