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Why did we stopped posting weekly updates, or did we?

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Hi Guys,

So, we did stopped posting updates a while ago, or at least, that is what you guys think. Apparantly we need 5 photos for the post to be approved (which in our opinion is not the best approach, since sometimes we like to make 1 image that contains several things we want to show, or a video, because we don't like to do long posts), but yeah, we got emails telling us the posts were archived and we didn't notice it because we thought the email was just to tell us the review was done.


So, basically, we are blind -.-

Anyway, to sum the vast list of archived posts, focusing on the last ones with more updated information:

  • A LOT of bugs
  • Alpha build released on sunrise-eclipse.itch.io/house-delivery
  • We will continue to work on it and try to publish a better version as soon as possible.

Following, the final level, it looks good:

Level Design

We introduced our G.U.Y - a Generic and Universal You.

Character WireframeCharacter Final Red

Following, our poster:

Game poster

And finally, a sneak peak of the game, in case you want to wait for a better version to be published (which we advise :D ).

Well guys, we promisse we are going to pay attention from now on, we don't want any more archived posts, next post will be about User Interface, so stay tuned :D


You need only 1 good video (your own, at least around 1 minute long, and not somebody else's let's plays) for your post to be approved. 4 images OR 1 video. And you don't have to spam the front page of IndieDB either, you can post beefier & longer progress updates (several updates merged) instead...

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