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With the Desert scenario almost finished, it’s time to discover new places!

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Hey guys! In our last last article we focused on Mordisco Desert. But how does the teleporting system work? Can Nintendo Switch handle all the desert sand particles? Will we finally see some of NetherWorld’s minigames?



NetherWorld bars will allow you to play drinking minigames, ordering stuff to get drunk alone or just talking to weird people. The Saloon is one of them.

Our first idea was to make them look different from any other place in the game: from 2D side-scrolling view to a squared 3D zenithal view. We had already shown the Saloon in out Kickstarter campaign, and

We burned it down.

…to made it 2D!

This has been a tough decision for us. While finishing the Desert scenario, a wild problem appeared: If one bar had this aesthetic, the rest should too, right? In a perfect, shiny and happy world, yes. However, the production schedules said “NOPE, SWEETIES”… So we decided to stick with the 2D game aesthetics and make this sub-scenario much bigger inside.


This is not the only scenario upgrade we’ve been working on, of course. WE’VE BURNT THE FOREST TOO! Nah, not yet. But we added new elements to increase the mystery vibes and illumination.

These are illumination improvements only from objects themselves; Unity lightning effects are coming next!


You won’t feel lonely in the forest. C’mon, look at the creatures… They seem to be having a great time there, don’t they? Maybe you should eat those purple mushrooms too!

Yeah, we know… The forest scenario hasn’t been properly introduced. We’ll fix that in the following articles! ;)


In order to learn useful mechanics for boss fights, weapons or specific situations, you’re gonna play different minigames. Here’s our homage to Duck Hunt!


In the last devblog we introduced NetherWorld’s teleport system: Palindrome worms eating us and then puking us somewhere else. But WHERE?

The Worm Cave, obviously! More than 5 worms are waiting to be “unlocked” using different items.

We’re still testing the eat-and-puke mechanics (the worm of the picture is not final!), so hope in the next update we can show you all the teleportation stuff! Trust us: The wait’s gonna be totally wormth it.


It’s a scientist? It’s a creepy animal lover? No! IT’S BOTH!

Neil was the first Netherwolian to survive wormhole travelling, but at a high cost. After more than 20 years trapped in this cave, he’ll see Medoo as the help he needs to finally complete his research.


Months ago you saw some of the spots in Mordisco Desert, especially its main town: The Puke.

This scenario is nearly finished (95%), so from now on it’s just adding / checking details, like sand particles, background elements or NPCs.

Here’s some of our work:

>> Sand, sand everywhere

>> Procedural pixel arms optimization for all kind of weapons

>> Nintendo Switch testing

Hmmm... Too many tris for a Switch?

...NAH! It works awesomely!

Aaaand that's it for now! We'd love to hear your opinion, so feel free to comment below.

Thanks so much for your support and see you in the next devblog! :)

NetherWorld team

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illegal_eagle - - 104 comments

nice work looking forward for it

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HungryPixel Author
HungryPixel - - 115 comments

Thank you! :)

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baszermaszer - - 444 comments

The Basic idea, what happens on maps, gameplay, etc.. in this game... there is so many things wrong with it becomes interesting. I'll definitely try this one out! Thank You for the amazing pixel animations.

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HungryPixel Author
HungryPixel - - 115 comments

Everything is wrong in NetherWorld, baszermaszer… EVERYTHING! Hahaha thanks so much for your support, and if you have any question about the game we’ll be glad to answer!

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