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Seems like Santa had some extra GIF(t)s for you to celebrate the New Year! Let’s unwrap our experience at IDD22, a new trailer, recent upgrades and what’s to come on 2023!

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Hey guys!

How are you? These last 3 months have been CRAZY, and we wanted to share with you all this craziness while changing years!


1) New Artwork and Trailer

As we told you in September’s devblog, we had the cool chance to have a physical stand at the 5th edition of IDD22, an awesome indie game development event held in Barcelona (Spain). So... It was time to update our visual materials everywhere, and we’re very glad of the results!

Amazing work by our artist Alex Fariña!

We made a new trailer too:

Did you like it? Let us know your thoughts!

We also created a new Youtube channel that will contain all NetherWorld and Hungry Pixel-related content from now on. Feel free to subscribe to it!

2) IndieDevDay 2022 Experience

What an amazing weekend. We’re extremely happy and grateful for meeting incredible devs, some of our Kickstarter backers, as well as for the hundreds of people who came by, talked to us and played the bosses demo (we even had a waiting line WTF).

We were also interviewed by Spanish indie game media such as XYZ Reviews or El Ático Indie! (Very nice people btw)

Here’s some photos of the event (in case you couldn't come and want to add yourself with Photoshop):

Xavi (boss programmer) and Albert (communications, writer) after a whole non-stop event weekend.
Smiling outside, dead inside.

3) New Improvements and Implementations

  • Vendor system:
    Fully tested and coordinated with the buying, inventory and money systems.

UI design and text not final.

  • Barman system:
    A variation of the vendor system that allows you to order drinks and food, as well as taking part in drinking tournaments.

UI design and text not final... hip!

  • Mission system:
    That includes checking current main and secondary quests, automatic crossed-out + pop up for the ones you already made, subtasks list, expanded descriptions, etc.

UI design and text not final.

  • Playing 60% of the game non-stop:
    We’ve been fixing bugs to make sure all the developed game and quests are playable uninterruptedly. At some parts of the game, you’ll be able to choose between different main quests, and we have to be sure nothing breaks despite the quest you chose first.

4) Bosses

As always, our boss programmer Xavi has done an amazing job developing Boss #9/12. For those who played the first demo of NetherWorld, this boss is a (more?) surreal adaptation of the Blue Fire Armor. Its design was updated both narratively and mechanically to fit the final version of the game.

Old "Blue Fire Armor" boss.

New (and mostly hidden) "Blue Fire Armor" boss.

Regarding to Boss #10, it’s currently in the works and planned to be ready the first weeks of 2023!

5) Scenarios

Gazhova (Gas City) has been quite a challenge due to its size: Not only horizontally, but also vertically (it has 2 levels, 3 in some areas). That’s why it has taken up most of Alex’s time, dreams and nightmares. The good news are that remaining NPCs are done, and the scenario is planned to be fully finished in the following weeks.

We were so focused on streetlights, that we forgot to implement the correct access to the Sewer level. HOWEVER, you can technically go to the Sewer level now, right?

6) What's Ahead

2023 is especial for us. Main reason? We’re committed (and scheduled) to have NetherWorld FINALLY finished that year (yeeaah!).

We have the last big scenario ahead, along with the final boss, the final scenes scripts and the final final everything. IDD22 and all your support really gave us renewed energies to face the last year of development with confidence. We really hope you enjoy the crazy shit we’re doing!!

Eating mushrooms in Fornus Forest is high-ly recommended.

Aaaaand before finishing... Any wishes for 2023?

One proposal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):

Thanks so much for your support, HAVE A GRRREEAAAT 2023 START and see you in the next devblog! :)

NetherWorld team


If you have any questions or insults, please comment below or send us a mail to info@netherworldgame.com.

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