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Post news RSS MageWorks :: v0.0.17 Now Available on SteamVR

MageWorks update v0.0.17 is now available, and with it comes several new features and improvements getting ever closer to a beta build!

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Here's a list of what's new:

> Fixed a bug where level warping sound would trigger during spell casting
> Increased speed of log shaping rotation to speed up shaping process
> Additional level optimizations
> Fixed a bug where players could use machine tools to cast spells.
> New Spells! Have included two more spells to play around with. "Frostbite" is a close combat Ice spell that knocks back enemies. "Living Roots" spawns a friendly plant that attacks nearby enemies for a short period of time.
> Instruction books! Each workshop has a book/manual that players can flip through to learn how different workshops work. For this build, the Observatory and Library have books have been included. The different workshops will be included in the next build update.
> A Tutorial Bird! When a player first starts playing the game, a crow will hop around and squawk to get the player's attention and guide them to learn how to interact with the features of MageWorks.

Known Issues:

> Several instruction books at each workshop currently show the bookmarking instructions, but will soon be workshop guides for each station.
> The Tutorial Bird & Tutorials stop at Lesson 401. This will be continued when all workshops are online and functioning
> The birds flight path may break if a player brings their bird into the outer courtyard of their Mage quarters.
> Some of the spells are malfunctioning a little and will be improved as more updates are released.

On The Horizon:

> continued improvements to the crafting system until all machines/stations are online for staff assembly
> a few more spells are still in the process of being constructed
> "quick play" games will be available where players can clear a vault, defend a fountain, or ride & shoot on the mining cart.

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