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We're happy to announce that we just published the information page on Itchio of Half-Life game that in development for 7 years!

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This is the lost story. The lost story of last days of Earth.

Now you could track the progress, contact with us and support the development via Itch.io platform!


You will be struggling through the time where an organized rebellion was not yet formed, and anti-Combine citizens were forced to flee their home cities to live in small settlement-groups avoiding any contact with the Combine. It will be telling you a story of one of such people. A story of a man named Jack Trevor, a witness to the fall of the humanity against the forces of the Combine.

This is a lost story. A story of the last days of Earth.


  • A new storyline in the Half-Life universe
    As a regular citizen, become a witness of the events taking place during the portal storms, long before Gordon Freeman's return.
  • New companion control system
    The players can easily issue commands to their allies for more interaction with the world.
  • New combat system
    The players will not be able to carry only a limited amount of weapons, but should also take into consideration the usage of the equipment found in the game world. Shooting from the hip is not always the best option.
  • The absence of the H.E.V. suit should definitely be noticed
    The players will be encountering more difficult combat situations and using the environment for their advantage.
  • Stealth gameplay options
    Most parts of the game can be completed in two ways: stealthily or guns blazing. Use environment for your advantage to stay hidden as well as using a new radio locator for locating enemies.
  • New enemies
    Aside from the Combine troops encounter the remains of the military groups sent to the suburban areas during the Seven-hour war. These people are calling themselves "The Rebels". But these are not the kind of rebels we were used to in Half-Life 2. Their motto is simple. "You're either with us or against us".
  • A vast interactive world that will always show the players something new during the gameplay.

I felt this was an April fools joke, but how did ya manage this! Every time I click install demo the steam window pops up; but no install prompt and it closes. Hmm...

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HopeLessCatE Author

Actually it's a bug on Steam side. There shouldn't be a download button.
Btw since it was on april fools day, we decided to no comment it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ah damn, it really was too good to be true, lol.

That being said, I've been following this project for a LONG time now and I'm still looking forward to playing absolutely ANY of it.

Keep up the good work, hope to see the release of the demo and the full project one day. It's gonna be good. :D

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HopeLessCatE Author

We've contacted with Valve about this situation. Looks like they have a small issue with publishing the standalone demo store pages on the Steam.

Currently they unpublished the Demo store page and ask us to move everything to the release appid.

It will take some time. I'll update the article when everything will be done. Sad that they chose this way of solution.

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Half Life 2 is still an absolutely belting game.

It really was a landmark experience when it came out.

I remember being in awe of how Valve shook up the FPS formula.

Since then, I've always been looking forward to any spin-off.

Thank god there's Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth.

Wishing the best for this one, especially with how long its been in the oven for.

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Wow, triple Rickrolling :0

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