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We're few and small indie dev but we want to make big things. And one thing we want gamers to remember us is for our in game menus. They're like a journey before playing the game. Totally interactive and 3D.

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RIse of Titans

One of the aspects for which we want people to identify us is for the menu of the game.

As we did with our first game - Visions (that has not been released to the market for the time being) - the menu of the game is 3D and total interactive. Every element that sends out light will have a functionality and will be backed up by a small text that will appear at the bottom.

We know that the players can spend the same time browsing along the menu as playing the game. So we've wanted to make gamer's journey along the menu lively and entertaining. The game begins from the first moment.

Obviously, we are still working on the menu but we couldn't resist without showing you our advances.



On the other hand, we want to explain an important fact for the dynamics of the game: the covers and their use.

The covers add value to the cards and provide with powers to the characters that are represented by them.

As you can see in the image above, to the left side you can see the manna, inside it’s revealed the adoration value of the character represented by the card. Thanks to the adoration value the characters can manifest on the battlefield and they’ll continue doing that while the power of adoration isn’t extinguished.

By the other hand, to the right side, you can find the skills of the characters: attack, defense and movement. When a character activates one of these skills his area on the battlefield will light on with the color of the skill (attack - red; defense - green; movement - yellow).

Nevertheless, the attack of a character will be activated at the same time as the defense of the opponent. The interaction on the battlefield is simultaneous (attack and defense).

Finally, we want to highlight that in the low part of the card you’ll be able to see the rarity of it. As we mentioned in the first article we posted, the rarity splits into 5 colors of less to more intensity.


Inside every faction (Egyptian, Greek, Northern and Neutral) there are different types of characters, weapons, gadgets, etc. So we can find human beings, charms, beasts, zombies, etc. distributed in each one of the factions.

Hope you like what you’re seeing up to the moment. Stay up to date and don’t miss our advances, soon we will give you more details of Rise of Titans.

And if there's something we can improve or just if you want to recommend us an improvement you can let it our and we'll receive your feedback delighted. And who knows, maybe we can even implement your suggestions.


Great idea and good work so far! First impression (in case of games menu) is very important, and often determines whether player wants to play or not, you definitely nailed it ;)

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GiantFox Author

Glad you liked the menu. We think it's as important as the game.
By the way, we've uploaded new information and 2 gifs. The first time we show the battlefield on action. :o

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Very polished, keep it up. Love the art style.

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