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Not long ago, in 2016, Giantfox was born after winning various local Global Game Jams. Between us there are gamers, amateur and professional developers who form this company.
We choosed the name because a colleague loves foxes and because we want to create something big, that’s how Giantfox came to light. At this moment we’re already twelve people working for the studio, some of them as collaborators, others full time. Our first comercial game is Rise of Titans, a Strategy based collectible card game with an interactive board.

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Rise of titans recto

Card game with 3D interactive board

Rise of Titans is a Trading Card Game, fantasy-themed, which it’s carried out on an interactive 3D battlefield.

A multiplayer online strategy card game composed of 120 cards and free to play, where the main strength is the playability and strategy.

Prepare your army, create your own deck and use the items on the battlefield to defeat your enemy.

A magical portal will lead you to the battlefields where three factions (Greek, Nordic and Egyptian) with their respective heroes (Athena, Ullr and Isis) and helped by a neutral faction will fight for them freedom.


  • The game is mainly addressed to an online PC platform (Windows and Mac versions available right now but if the game gets your support we may also launch on Linux).

  • The goal is to make it compatible with several aspect ratios (we offer two aspect ratios of 16:9 and two of 4:3). This offers the possibility of taking advantage of the high quality graphics. But still being able of reducing the resolution if desired or required.

  • You’ll be able to download it from our web page and from Steam (links when available, during 2017).




Inside the game we come across with the battlefield, where the player develops his skills and where he’ll spend most of the playing time.

  • The total area of the playable ground is composed of 81 hexagonal positions (9x9).

  • A maximum of 20 creatures per faction is estimated on a battlefield combat; so there are still left twice of the positions to maneuver.

  • We’ve decided to divide the battlefield in three separate areas:

  • The common area or neutral field, the river. It helps to create a strategy around it because it has three non-penalization movement spots (the bridges) and it also acts as a divider between the confronted faction battlefields.

  • The other two areas are the faction battlefields (Greek, Nordic or Egyptian). Your field will be set depending on which faction you choose to fight with.

But remember! This is a 3D interactive battlefield.

The most dynamic aspects on the field are the several interactive elements (forest, grassland, mountain, river, city and volcano).

You can use these interactive elements to get bonus or harm your enemy and also change or destroy the environment.

Every item in your area or even in the opposite’s area can be used to get a strategic advantage or simply to make the opposite’s goal harder to reach.


The player will act as an errant character; that walks aimlessly into the forest and in one of his journeys comes up against a portal which allows him into an already forgotten world where the greatest epic battles will have place.

The factions (Greek, Egyptian and Nordic) fight so they can return to the world that once saw them born.

The target is to make your chosen faction win all its battles and lead it closer to eternal salvation.

factions geek

factions egypt

factions nordic




  • As we’ve said you’ll come across with a game of three factions (Greek, Nordic and Egyptian) and 120 playable cards. Among them you’ll find 36 cards of faction (12 cards for each faction) and 84 neutral cards.

  • The deck will be composed of 30 cards and you’ll be able to mix neutral cards with the ones of the chosen faction.

  • Above the covers we can find several elements:

  • There are four different cover models: one for each faction and one neutral.



  • The skills are related to the power and attributes of each character.

  • You’ll be able to use four different types of skills.

  • These skills are related to different effects and forms which will show up on the tokens of invocation:


Primary skills

The primary ones change the outline of the token.

Secondary skills

Among them you can find the following skills

These skills will be represented by a symbol engraved on the token on the lower part, between the attack and the defense markers.

Tertiary skills

The tertiary skills will be represented on the token with a permanent fx effect

Quaternary skills

Their effect is not permanent.

This latest group of skills is characterized by the fact they only go active when you’re able to invoke the creature.

Heroes' Tokens

The heroes’ tokens will be different from the rest of the characters.





Egyptian faction

In the case of the Egyptian faction we come across with Isis.

This goddess aims to take advantage of her magical strategies and control power.

Use her to control the enemies and you’ll end up defeating them with the power of magic and mystical creatures.

Nordic faction

Nordics historically have won the reputation of being wildlings. Ullr is the god of hand-to-hand combat and you must take advantage of his attack skill power.

He’s a hero targeted for aggro decks, who seeks immediately the hand-to-hand combat and the possibility of killing the enemies quickly.

Greek faction

Finally, we find the Greeks having Athena as heroin. These use the goddess of battle looking for a balance between control and brute strength.

This faction fights using more like a Mid-Range strategy that embodies the versatility that has always joined them.

Neutral faction

Along with the three main factions (Greek, Egyptian and Nordic) there’s a fourth one independent (Neutral faction) and different creatures, spells and artifacts form it.

These ones can be part of any faction and their goal is to help the faction they’ve chosen to join to reach the victory; they’ve always been mercenaries. Among them we can find beasts, elementals, humans, zombies, etc.



Inside the game you can navigate through a main interactive menu and submenus (missions, shop, options, etc.).

The starting menu (or main menu) is one of our studio’s characteristic elements: all the menus we create are 3D interactive.

This way we accomplish the gaming experience from the first moment and help the player to get used to the environment of the game and understand the spirituality of the project.

Four interactive elements can be distinguished and when you pass over them a visual effect is activated.

  • The Coffer, which represents the store and our monetization system.
  • The Altar (in the center, higher area); where the decks can be created
  • RoT Atlas (at the right side); where the regular missions will be post
  • The Portal (in the center); the place where the player will have to access if he wants to play a battle.

STORE – The coffer

The game it’s free to play but with inside acquisitions.

You can download it and play it for free but if you want to improve your skills quickly or get rewards you must do micro payments with in game money or with real money and besides, inside this submenu you’ll also be able to purchase boosters.

open bosters

MISSIONS – The Atlas

  • In order to give continuity to our game we’ve scheduled a series of missions that will be published regularly.

  • Will be a daily mission, where the player will be able to get the reward with no more than one hour of sacrifice.

  • Thanks to the missions the player may be able to achieve huge in game rewards.

  • If you complete the missions you can achieve in game money, which you can use to exchange for boosters (these ones will help complement your card collection and add new options to your decks).


Team: Marc Molina; Ruben Molina; Adria Martorell; Lucas Salcedo; Roxana Tufan

Music and composition → BMP (music band of Prat de Llobregat), Guillem, Marc Timón, Garo

Dubbing → Mireia Maymí, Pau Perez, Salvador Blajé, Anna Ferrer, Surayia Vives

Administration → Customaker, Rox

Sistems and networks → Hydria

Video, VFX and composition → Lolothan Javier Saura, Sergi


Rise of TitansIndie Gamers

2016 Giantfox S.L All rights reserved

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