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In this article we're presenting our latest island - the Alien Island... We hope you like it :)

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It’s been a while we know, but here it is, another progress update. In our last one we presented our second island or "Island of the Ancients" as we like to call it. Now it’s time to do a 180 and launch our kitten in a whole new world, the Alien Island. If you look at our islands you’ll see we went with stark contrasts between them to add diversity which does not only reflect in the visuals, but also puzzles themselves.

On the visual side you’ll notice the colors are closer to blue, while on the Island of the Ancients we went with green and on the first island colors employ more red. This made the islands very different from one another and hopefully they will make for a diverse and interesting experience. Moreover, the Alien Island has its own sci-fi music theme, which adds to the mystery of the island.

A view of the Alien Island

A few screenshots from the Alien Island

The puzzles can be tricky and you will rely more on analytical approach to solving them than on other islands. There are also puzzles employing sound, sense of direction and point of view. What we mean with all that is tough to explain without spoilers, so let’s move on to other news.

The game as a whole has undergone some extra polish and on top of minor improvements to the game, we also started working on cut scenes. We felt that since you’ll be busting your brains over the puzzles, you could at least get some cool feedback. Once we make something presentable we will let you have a sneak peek.

This is our last island, so the road ahead will be mostly charted by bug fixes, general polish and cut scenes. Of course it would be nice if something happened when you finish the game right, so the final cut-scene is on the menu as well. Once all is done and functional we will have a mini beta for friends, to see if the puzzles cause any brain damage...

Video featuring the Alien Island

For minor news and updates follow our progress on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. We try to be active and hope to release the game soon, so please like us or retweet, it will help us spread the word. Intergalactic thanks to you all!!

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