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Hive Quest is becoming the real time strategy game it was always meant to beee!

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Hive Quest is a real time strategy game, among other things, so recently I've been working like crazy on providing the player the tools they need to micromanage their teeny empire.

Lots of new user interface features are being introduced that fit smoothly with the flow of the game and provide lots of options for players to interact with their environment.

The book of Hive Lore is the single biggest addition, providing a central place to go for lots of info on your hive and even individual drones!

The book of Hive Lore

The book of Hive Lore, doubles as a field guide

Resources are an important feature in the game. Food, gloop and other things are gathered at sites across the map. New UI features have been introduced here as well, at each site, to enable the player to manage who works there. You have to make sure you own it first though as other hives can sneak in and claim the site for themselves!

Capture the gloop shrooms!

Capture the gloop shrooms!

Jonny Rotten

That rotten apple won't hang around forever!

And lastly, the Hive interior! The Queen's chamber is a place to obtain info & organise new eggs. The Queen, with the help of her hand maidens, will keep laying eggs for your consideration, but only if you look after her. Here's a shot of work on the egg UI panels (admittedly a bit chaotic right now).

Eggy info panels

Hopefully I'll have some news on the combat system & how two hives go to war very shortly, so look out for more Hive Quest news!

Also, if you like what you see, consider throwing a dollar at the Hive Quest Patreon :D

More news coming soon - thanks for looking!



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