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In this video, I explain the mechanics of scoring in Graveball.

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Graveball Scoring Mechanics

  • The most common method of scoring in Graveball is moving the skull into your opponent's endzone
  • Once inside the endzone, the skull begins to glow. After 2 seconds, the skull explodes and a goal is scored.
  • While the skull is glowing, players from BOTH teams are unable to pick it up. In order to save a goal, a player must attack the skull with their weapon or dive into it.
  • Once a skull is hit by a weapon or a dive, the goal timer is reset. Leaving the goal will also reset the goal timer
  • The second way to score is by simultaneously killing all of the members of the opposing team
  • As soon as all three players are killed, a 2 second timer starts counting down.
  • If after 2 seconds, all players from the team are still dead (including respawning and being killed a second time) a goal is scored by the opposing team
  • Eliminating the enemy team simultaneously is challenging and requires coordination with your teammates

Coming to Steam in March 2017!

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