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Today I'll show the gifs we recorded so far, that shows better the gameplay of the game. Also I'll be showing the particles and dynamic illumination effects.

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First element is the Vesica Piscis Lamp. The lamp will aid you in your journey. It is constructed by 7 particles. The sparking Hexagons, the two turning circles, two rotating sprites (one clockwise and one counter clockwise), a central light point and a light emission from the center.


Our game will feature a communication system. When you pass the lamp over a glyph typhoon, you can read a message another player wrote. The message can also contain an icon. (This one is temporary)


Here's the ingame sentry enemy with its particles.


Here is a dynamic Illumination test. We made it using sprite Dlight and custom shaders.


The lamp will help clear the path. This is done manually, cropping the image into small pixel rects, and then animating when the lamp passes near.


And on the last position, a simple intensity sprite loop I made to use on steam concepts.

V6 1


Wow, what kind of softwares did you use to make these particles?

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mirrorlink Author

Unity XD
And Sprite DLight! (But needs to write custom shader, for beginners Sprite illuminator from codeandweb is easier).

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Ohhh, i thought sprite dlight was the file's name xD stupid me

Thanks btw

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