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Get a Behind the Scenes Look at ‘The Making of Dustwind’, Featuring an Interview with Dimitri Zaitsev, a Post-Apocalyptic Artist and Creative Force Behind the Game

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Get a Behind the Scenes Look at ‘The Making of Dustwind’, Featuring an Interview with Dimitri Zaitsev, a Post-Apocalyptic Artist and Creative Force Behind the Game

Today, the Dustwind Studios team is offering a new behind the scenes look at Dustwind. This first “making of” video which highlights the creation of Dustwind. You’ll meet Dimitri Zaitsev, who is a well-known artist on the post-apocalyptic scene and the creative force behind Dustwind. He lives and breathes the “post-apocalypse” genre and is the owner of “Nuclear Snail Studios” where he creates post-apo outfits for various entertainment sets and Live Action Role Plays (LARP’s).

“Dustwind is all about real-time tactical combat in a grim post-apocalyptic setting, creating uniquely balanced characters, and making your opponent´s heads explode in so many hilarious ways. Have you ever seen someone being shot with a plunger to the face or kicked off a sniper tower by an armored dog? You will in Dustwind! Happens every day…

You can play various MP game modes with or against your friends, or play Solo missions against the environment. They will eat you alive if you aren’t careful and coordinated. This is where it gets REALLY tactical. But don´t worry, you can always come back with another character build & strategy (or more plungers) and eventually, you will prevail against the 100 or so computer-controlled Raiders.

Oh, and if you´re a mapper, the built-in map editor will be just your thing. So gear up and let the CLUSTERFUN begin!”– Dimitri Zaitsev, Creative Director

Come and Join the Clusterfun! View our Community Host Schedule or Host Your Own!

Dustwind Studios was founded by Dimitri Zaitsev and Zsolt Kovács. Both have a strong and long-time passion for Real-time Tactics games and the post-apo scene. Dustwind is the first big project of the team. Dimitri Zaitsev is no stranger to the post-apo scene: he creates art, props, costumes, pictures, and videos under the brand of “Nuclear Snail Studios”. In addition to that, he took part in the organization, game design and visual design of post-apo LARPs “Resistopia” and “Zombie Apocalypse”.

For almost 10 years Z-Software is working in games development. The studio developed in this time more than 15 games and self-published some of them. In addition to this Z-Software worked often as a reliable external partner and co-developer for other companies. Z-Software developed games for more than 8 different platforms, for example, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, and PC.
Reach out and connect with Dustwind Studios and Z-Software GmbH

Press & Influencers Request Steam Key here: Goo.gl
Youtubers/Twitch Streamers can also grab a key here: Woovit.info

Press Kit: Dustwind.com

Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Discord: Discord.gg

Check us out on the web: www.dustwind.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

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