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Z-Software GmbH is an independent game development studio in Dortmund, founded in 2008.

List of games:

  • Doxan / Galaxy Fighter (PC)
  • Handball Simulator 2010 - European Tournament (PC)
  • Solar Struggle (360/PC)
  • Fruitbash (360)
  • Solar Struggle: Survival (360)
  • Emergency Ambulance Simulator (PC)
  • Ambulance Simulator 2014 (PC)
  • Ropeway Simulator 2014 (PC)
  • History in Letters: The Eternal Alchemist (PC)
  • 3D Minigolf (PC/PS4/Switch)
  • 3D Pool & Snooker (PC/PS4/Switch)
  • Autobahn Police Simulator (PC)
  • Autobahn Police Simulator (iOS)
  • Autobahn Police Simulator 2 (PC)
  • Dustwind (PC)
  • Pilot Sports (Switch/PS4)

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Real Time Tactics

The world has come to an end. Anyone still alive must fight other survivors. The time has come for you and your friends to get rekt while fighting against...

History in Letters

History in Letters


Follow Dr. Remy Chaveau on his quest through wonderful France! Remy is a philologist who obtains an old book from a new client, during his attempts to...

Rush on Rome

Rush on Rome

Tower Defense

A mysterious artifact should empower the Roman Empire, but a long journey through hostile lands lies before you! While the scouts progress, you have to...

Solar Struggle

Solar Struggle


Solar Struggle is an Arcade Action Spaceshooter. The whole game world is in 3D, but the action takes place on a 2D plane which makes the action and controls...




“Fruitbash” is a so called “match-3 puzzle game”, in which - as the name suggests - the player must collect at least 3 identical fruits in a row...

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