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We showcase the development of Eclipsed's stealth game mechanic: the Shadow ability.

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A few weeks ago, we started unveiling our game mechanics, that is, Aelizia's Eclipse abilities. We began by showcasing the Light ability. As we explained, the Light ability lets players use a light ray to stun the guards, allowing Aelizia to move forward in the map without the remaining guards being warned.

It's now time to reveal the development of the Shadow ability, our "stealth" game mechanic, which lets players trigger the Shadow Mode, allowing them to merge with shadows to avoid detection. The Shadow Mode has two purposes: it lets players pass by guards without being spotted and it allows players to hide from guards when they're being chased. Therefore, while players are in Shadow Mode, Aelizia can't be detected by the guards.

Bear in mind that this is a development prototype. Since we have yet to study or test Eclipsed's User Interface, some features may not be very intuitive due to the lack of information or feedback on the screen. These indications are being conveyed through debug messages (prints on the screen) or placeholder widgets.

The Shadow ability is divided into four parts: shadow detection (whether Aelizia can enter Shadow Mode), shadow merge (what happens when Aelizia merges with a shadow), character movement (how Aelizia moves while in Shadow Mode) and timer (the amount of time Aelizia can stay in Shadow Mode).

Therefore, when players come upon a shadow with which they can merge, they receive a notification of that. We still have to research the best way to do get the message across and implement that in HUD, so for now players are notified through debug messages in the top left corner of the screen:

When players merge with a shadow, Aelizia will change shape to adapt to the new environment. At the same time, the camera will undergo slight changes in its position and rotation so that players can better control Aelizia in her new form.

If players leave the shadow, they also leave "Shadow Mode", and Aelizia will return to her normal state:

While players are in Shadow Mode, Aelizia moves much faster than she normally would because she's a part of the shadow (she's in a "familiar habitat" of sorts as she is one with the shadow).

Since Aelizia's abilities aren't fully developed (and to prevent players from abusing Shadow Mode), when they enter Shadow Mode, players are presented with a timer which tells them how much time Aelizia can remain in Shadow Mode. When that time is over, Aelizia is forced to return to her normal state. When this happens (staying in Shadow Mode until the timer runs out), players will have to wait a few seconds before they can return to Shadow Mode (there's a cooldown period).

What do you think of Aelizia's Shadow ability? If you had to choose, which ability would you rather have? Light or Shadow?

Next, we'll be moving on to the guards' concept art development. As the enemy, they're imposing figures in full body armour who will do everything in their power to catch Aelizia. And if that happens, it's game over! But we're getting ahead of ourselves...

Stay tuned for more Eclipsed news!
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